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Hello all, ive been trying to teach myself very slowly and have made some progress so far.  My problem now is that when I run programs such as the wizards or if I write simple stuff on my own, at some point during the run the dwell light starts flashing and the program stops.....but the spindle stays on and F5 does not shut it off, the spindle control on the pc panel does nothing and even pushing the E-Stop wont turn off the spindle. I have to hit the red power off button to stop the spindle. when I do this the entire system freezes and I have to start all over. I also have to re home the machine before I can continue.  I looked in config settings for a setting and I have checked the Dwell in ms  tab in the general config settings, but the machine still does it.  No program I write or have run from wizards, contains a Dwell command. Why does my machine or program software go into the Dwell mode and why cant I shut off the spindle with anything other than the red power button of the machine?  Please help me understand this problem.

thank you

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