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Hey Russ, just touching base with you to let you know that I am gathering the information that you wanted me to provide.  For me it is a slow process due to my jobs work schedule. Very little time this week but I will try and get some info together and hopefully I will get some thing out here that you will be able to see that is able to assist me.  I have looked for the book you recommended by Peter Schmitt " CNC Programming Handbook" and I will order it about mid week next week.  I do want to get my own updated version of Mach3 and get a valid license because from what you told me, I don't trust the version and software that came with the machine.  I am trying to contact the place where I bought my machine to get info on the motors and control hardware as you requested but have not heard back from him yet.  Im working on it but as I said it would take some time to gather what you told me to.  Just wanted to let you know that I have not forgotten and that again I am so appreciative of your help with my issues at this end.  Thanks and have a great day.

Thank you Russ I will do as you say and hope I can understand some of the answers I get to my questions.  As I said I am new and have a tough time understanding some of the terminology used in answers at times.  I greatly appreciate your advise and quick response. 

I need to talk to some one on the phone about issues with my Mach3 system.  I am new to this and the forum site is great but its all about if some one sees your cry for help.  I look at the time date stamps and there is a long time between questions posted and the time the first response is returned.  I would appreciate it if we could all be willing to give each other phone support in some form of honor amongst common users.  I am totally new to this stuff and have struggled the entire time with software issues or machine doing things that were unexpected.  I would gladly answer a phone call to help some one if they needed it because its just the right thing to do.  304-670-7725  Jimmy  Ohio, USA

General Mach Discussion / Re: Motor tuning 166 Oz steppers motors
« on: December 30, 2015, 11:16:49 AM »
WOW........all the stuff you two are talking about blows my mind.  I was going to ask about motor tuning also but it seems very complicated and I am very new to all this.  Im not sure if my motors are tuned correctly or not....all I know is that the machine works and cuts the small projects that I attempt.  I will look at the settings for the motors as they are and change things to see what changes.  I would like to get a bit more rapid speed if I could but have to be careful not to screw with my system to much.  Kenny if you get a satisfactory setting, please let me or us know and I will try it on my machine to see what the settings do for me.

General Mach Discussion / Re: keyboard control
« on: December 30, 2015, 11:04:45 AM »
Tom I had the same thing happen to me on my machine and I had to reinstall Mach3. After the reinstall and redoing all the settings it worked fine.  Wish I knew about saving the settings because I had to start from scratch.

Hi everyone, I am Jimmy and I am new but not new.  I got on this forum site a long time ago but lost my computer and system for quite a while.  For those who remember me, I am a machinist of 30 years, retired from the Army and have worked as a machinist in several steel mills (until they shut down).  Im back in the game now with a new computer along with cadcam from Bobcad and still run with my Mach3 program.  I am teaching myself all this stuff as I get time after work and on the weekends. I have made some progress and have even made a few parts on my machine that turned out ok.  My problem is not fully understanding the Mach3 and the many features and operating functions of the software. I am computer literate but at a very low level.  Much of what I have accomplished was thru trial and error and by viewing youtube vids on different tasks and subjects.  The cad cam portion is slow but im getting there.  Bobcad helps me when I need it to learn but some times I have little time to play and learn on my system due to work and family obligations.  My current problem is getting my tool offsets correct and understanding just how mach3 uses input values to work with the values that are generated by the cadcam software when I design a part.  Maybe im setting the tools incorrectly thru mach3, im not sure.  My machine always seems to want to plunge right down thru the part in many cases.  A few times it has worked correctly but very few.  I am getting ready to purchase a new Mach3 software package that I can license to myself and hope it works.  I am currently and have been running on the Mach3 disc that came with the machine that is licensed to a Taiwanese man.  This disc came with the machine but I think it better to have  a fresh version of the software and license it to myself so I know it is legit.  As stated before I am not as computer literate as I would like to be and the settings of pins and ports and motor tuning etc. get me very confused and throw me off. My machine runs but I am not sure because I just don't know if its running at the potential that it should be. After reading some of the posts and replies here on the site, it is clear that this is a site full of great and skilled craftsman and technicians, much smarter people than me, I humbly ask that you share your kindness and knowledge in helping me advance from where I am now. Im not 100% sure I even know how to use this forum site because its the first time I ever joined one.  Again my name is Jimmy my email is ellinas47@hotmail.com and I welcome any advise that any one can help me with. I will gladly share my machinist experiences with any one who would ask.  Thank you all and may you all have a great holiday season and a healthy and prosperous new year ahead.

thank you all, and merry Christmas

Thank you bob I'm not the smartest in this area. I called the vender from where I purchased the machine and he has not gotten back to me yet. I'm glad you are quick to mention the safety aspect of this problem. I am being very careful. I appreciate your response greatly.


Hello all, ive been trying to teach myself very slowly and have made some progress so far.  My problem now is that when I run programs such as the wizards or if I write simple stuff on my own, at some point during the run the dwell light starts flashing and the program stops.....but the spindle stays on and F5 does not shut it off, the spindle control on the pc panel does nothing and even pushing the E-Stop wont turn off the spindle. I have to hit the red power off button to stop the spindle. when I do this the entire system freezes and I have to start all over. I also have to re home the machine before I can continue.  I looked in config settings for a setting and I have checked the Dwell in ms  tab in the general config settings, but the machine still does it.  No program I write or have run from wizards, contains a Dwell command. Why does my machine or program software go into the Dwell mode and why cant I shut off the spindle with anything other than the red power button of the machine?  Please help me understand this problem.

thank you

Good morning Tweakie.  Jimmy here again. Guess what I got my other laptop hooked up and got my mill to turn on and I do have control of spindle and axis moves.  My problem now is that my screen does not show the entire control panel. The neg x And y axis buttons on the screen are barely visible. I tried dragging, minimizing, maximizing the screen but nothing works to adjust the control panel to the screen. Any advice for me on this one?  Any way with your prior help I did get to see and hear my machine run and I thank you greatly. Have a great day T.  

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