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Thanks for all the above commentary, it is very helpful. I am in the process of converting a Bridgeport size mill to CNC. I have brushed DC servos and want to use a "dual loop" setup (linear encoders on the ways and rotary encoders on the motors), for backlash compensation the Galil supports this. That's why I bought my 2240 (eBay) I now realize, If I want this to work as best as possible, I will need to upgrade to a 41x3, I will buy new from Galil, at this point, it will be worth it.

I just want to be sure there are no compatibility issues using dual loop setup on a 41x3 with Mach 4?

Many Thanks.


I can't answer your specific question and I am at a bit of a loss as to why you would want two types of displacement detection, but I can tell you what I have.
I have linear glass scales for displacement. DC servos with tachos for velocity info. which are fed back directly into the motor controller cards for the D in PID. Then the glass slide outputs are fed into the Galil card for the PI.
So in effect there are two loop closures, velocity closed within the motor controls and displacement closed within the Galil system.
The motors, tachos and motor controllers are from the original setup and the velocity feedback gain was optimized when built, so when using the Galil software to tune the servos I only have to worry about the P and I terms. D is set at zero.
It works OK with Mach3


Unfortunately, there is no demo version of the Mach 4 plugin.  I will see if I can implement that.


Many thanks, I'll wait to hear. Are we talking days, weeks or months for that to happen?

I would tend to want to keep that good stuff too!  I know the cost of a newer Galil is an impediment.  Especially if you have a 21x3 at the moment.  But I can promise you that you will be MUCH happier with the 41x3.  It is simply a better controller than the 21x3 for a milling machine motion controller.  It will do the rest of the machine justice.  

Perhaps you can sell the 21x3 and put that towards a 41x3?  Then you could run Mach 4 or Mach 3 and choose the one you like best.

Thanks for that info. When I got the Galil card cost was a big factor. It was considerably more expensive than my planned budget and until you just pointed it out I had no idea that it had deficiencies which some of their others cards didn't.
I had an additional reason for wanting to keep "that good stuff" which was that I had duplicates of it all.  It was the old Anilam controller that I wanted to replace.  It worked to drive the machine but the tape recorder and RS232 connection for a PC were shot.  It got tedious real quick entering each programme manually.
I only use 3 axis currently but I got the 4 axis card to allow for a 4th but I confess that I didn't realize that the spindle would take another, but I can live without that feature.
I have just downloaded mach4 to give it a test, do I need to unload Mach3 or should I run it from a clean computer.
Is the demo restriction like Mach3 with its limit on G-code lines, or is it a time/date restriction.  Does the Galil plugin need licencing for a test run of Mach4?
I'll see if maybe I can sell the 2143, I also have 2 sets of anilam controller that I don't need.
BTW I have upped the mill motor size and it runs to 6000rpm very smooth. Check it out at http://www.homemadetools.net/forum/how-make-6000rpm-bridgeport-56661#post84115

   People tend to use a Galil to drive analog servo motors in Mach 3 as it is one of a very few plugins that can do that.  If you don't want to drive analog servos, then there is really no reason to run a Galil

That is exactly why I got a Galil card.  I had a Bridgeport which had been fitted with an Anilam system from new.  I wanted to keep the servos, drivers and glass slides and the Galil and Mach3 was really about all I could find except for one ridiculously expensive system which had bad reviews in general.

There is code in the plugin to run a 21x3, but no testing has been done on them what so ever. 

Do you want a tester?

Mach 4 has more features than Mach 3 in some areas while Mach 3 has more in others. 

I thought as much, hence the question.
I'll keep a look out for a 41x3, in which case it would seem sensible to go for Mach4 but for now I need to work with the 2143.

What money? The money a Galil  controller costs even second hand. And that for sth without official support, on a problematic Mach3...No thanks.

I am using now Chinese offline controller, no PC, No Mach3, No windows. Thanks God. At last all works 100%

I have the Galil card.
Tell me more about your Chinese solution.

My advice is Not to use Galil products wirth Mach3. No support for the plugin. Absolute waste of time. the Ethernet software is ridiculously old and clumsy. For that money now there are much better solutions.

I am confused by your reply.
Firstly, what support for the Mach3 plugin will I need? It works fine now. Will that change?
What time am I wasting?
I am ridiculously old and clumsy so I am a good match for the ethernet software.
For what money?

I have been using Mach3 free with the G code 200 limit on lines waiting for the Mach4 Galil plugin. I cannot wait any longer before buying the unlimited Mach3 or Mach4 but I am confused by what appears to be differing statements about Galil 21x3 compatibility with Mach4 plugin.

"The DMC-21x3 are like the DMC-18x2 controllers.  They might not work with the Galil plug-in because of the way they handle Data Records.  Big question mark here.
EDIT:  The DMC-21x3 controller will work fine as long as they don't have the 31x3 distributed mode firmware loaded.  If you have a 31x3, simply install the latest and greatest 21x3 firmware and you are good to go.  Also these controllers, while labeled "Econo", will accept binary commands."

This looks like the edit says that I would be OK but I cannot see if that is referring to the Mach3 or 4 plugin. So please can I have definitive answers to the following.

1. Will the mach4 Galil plugin work with the 21x3 using ethernet?
2. If so, will it give the same or more functionality that Mach3 does?

Galil / Re: Galil plugin version 4.6 available.
« on: July 12, 2014, 01:10:03 PM »
Sure did Tony, right now I see 3 potential causes:
3) Can the operation of the plug-in be corrupted by adding .m3p to the Galil.dll filename (Galil.dll.m3p) and clicking it to install?

I have no idea on that but it sounds like a bad idea.  Why not just keep a copy of Galil.mp3 somewhere and install from a correctly named copy of that, when necessary.  galil.mp3 is not the specific Smart Term plugin.  Why not replace Smart term with Galil Suite.  It is the later version and I imagine that the terminal is the same or close to it.  In any case it is dead easy to use.  Why are you staying with the old software?

Galil / Re: Galil plugin version 4.6 available.
« on: July 12, 2014, 05:02:37 AM »

Did you go into "Plugin configuration" in the "configuration" drop down menu.  After all the installation tasks are done you have some config tasks to do, one time only.  You need to map galil axis to Mach axis to start with.
There are still several setup features that I have not got done yet because I have so far been unable to get appropriate info.  but I have at least got the system up and running.

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