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No but the problem has been solved.

For future reference. The g540 has 2 outputs.  Only one gets used for my machine.
  I was told to switch the wiring on the board, and designate the output in the computer.
   So far so good.


No it doesn't.  All the motors disconnect, but the relay seems to always be getting a constant dc current.  When I test everything it's like 44vdc up until the relay, then it's like 26 or 33 or something, which I'm assuming is because the coil is contracted or however that works...

Is the breakout board the main board where your motors connect and your parallel cable plug in?  If so I can get another no problem.  I am just going through my due diligence before hand, trying to rule everything else out. 

It also could have to do with the board that controls the relay...although I don't think so, because I've tested everything there also.   

That's kind of what I'm assuming.  I've tested the DC current. From the board that controls the relay, and there is no change when I turn the torch on and off...  That's the only thing I can think other then if something got messed up with the output settings in the computer. 
  It is in fact connected with a parallel cable.

I have a small pro cut plasma table which has been running fine for a while.  Recently the relay of the torch control went bad.  After some fiddling, something happened now there is always current running through the control side of the relay, and it's keeping the relay open all the time... Help please.

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