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General Mach Discussion / Where are the plasma THC settings
« on: May 04, 2014, 09:24:21 AM »
 For the life of me i cant seem to find the plasma THC settings such as the anti-dive that everyone talks about and others. I have the screen that does have the THC on button and also shows the THC speed and up and down limits but it doesnt allow me to change those settings. Any one want to help out a rookie?

General Mach Discussion / Plasma Z home speed homing in rapid
« on: May 03, 2014, 05:07:53 PM »
 This is my first experience with Mach3. Like the software, but more detailed instructions would be very helpful. I am setting up a plasma table with THC that has a floating head and a limit switch on the head for using as probe. Instead of connecting the switch to the "probe" under ports and pins i have the switch connected to the "Z home" pin.

 Here is my latest dilemma. When the machine homes Z axis it runs in rapid speed until the limit switch activates which many times ends up overrunning the switch and jamming the floating head. Under configure limit/home switches i can set the slow zone to whatever i want and mach3 just ignores this value and still homes in rapid speed. However if i run the axis way up and give a G92 Z.5 in MDI and origin the Z position to above the part and then home Z axis it will slow down to the homing speed after it reaches 0.0000 inches and continue down homing as it should. While running a program the torch head slams into the part when it homes and things go bad from there. I can slow down the Z motor max speed to allow for this problem but im afraid that will affect the speed at which my THC will adjust the Z axis.

 So what am i missing?

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