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As far as I am aware it is  licensed to the guy I bought it from. He no longer uses it . XML ? where do I find that?

as far as power  I am not sure . I am def not a computer guy just a cnc programmer

I am having issues trying to run the drivtest exe due to the fact I have a computer that was a used computer . I do not know the passwords and the test-drive exe will not run.

Long story

I bought a machine and it had its controller and computer all in a box . I transported it home and I hooked everything back up. the computer crashed and I was unable to log in on the computer as it was frozen on the start up page. I then got a computer from work as I needed a computer that had a parallel port . now I get it home and I took the old hard drive and bought a Dynex adapter to use my old hard drive that had all the Mach 3 software and configuration already on it . Now I have the issue of having the drives not working so I want to test them out. I also have an error on my phase converter ( its a Hitachi L200-2 if not mistaken and the ERROR is E13 ) .

So long story short I need to test the drives so I can get this thing running


new here I just bought a IH CNC and will be using mach 3 to control it. I have meen machining for 15 years with multiple machines and I use power mill at work.

It does not make movement . Also I have an error now on my phase converter

Ok I will try to make this short . I purchased a machine from someone and I got the machine home with everything intact. I turned the computer on a couple of times and then the last time I tried it the computer would not get past the starting page . Prior to this it was working  to my knowledge with out any issues . so I try to load everything in and it would not start up. I went to the old owners shop and he looked at the hard drive and he said it was fine . He then backed up my Mach 3 files o a USB jus in case. Now I have another computer ready to use and have loaded te Mach 3 info into the "C" drive. now I power u he machine and it will not ove the machine at all. Is there  something that Iam missing ? I have had this machine for a week now and have been unable to get the darn thing to run.  now I would use the old Hard drive I n the new computer but the wire set up is way different.

So how do I load al of my parameters in to the new computer so it will work ?

soe one please help before I loose my mind . This is killing me . I don't know what else to do

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