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Steve, I started all over and think I ultimately found I had something fubar in the profile I was using. The problem I was having was a time out when I went to configure the Galil plug in.

So now I am back to the Smarterm and updated the firmware just in case. It's a DMC-1850

I could have saved myself a lot of trouble if I had not kept re-using the same profile!

Now I broke something. I was still having trouble with the Smarterm drivers. So I uninstalled Smarterm and  the Smarterm plug in and installed the Gallil Tools along with the 4.6 standard version plug in.

The motors work but the display doesn't. Tried the motor options in the plug in - no joy.

Thanks, I'll be back at it Monday AM.

Steppers, yes long story. The machine had steppers when I did the original retrofit back in 2003 and I didn't know any better. CNC was completely new to me.

Even though I will say I do get reasonable performance out of them I see servos in my future.

Re-installed everything, so far so good :), I'll put the license file in again Monday. Running demo for now.

Except for 1 small thing. I have 5 tpi ball screw, 2:1 reduction on motor. Steppers micro stepped to 1000 steps per rev = 10,000 steps per inch.

If I do a G01 X -.005 and then G01 X 0 the display shows X -.0001

Yep, everything was fresh. It makes no sense to me. I removed the license files and still no joy.

I had Camsoft installed on this machine and I know it didn't play well with Galil drivers.

Now that I am moving to Mach I am about to do a virgin install of windows and start over. Just in case.

I had everything working nicely with the demo, so I purchased the license. After adding the license now I get a time out error on the controller. Any ideas?

Galil / Re: Camsoft - Galil DMC-1850 - stuck
« on: April 25, 2014, 10:25:27 AM »
I started over with the configs, I think i missed the "save config" at the bottom. I'ts working now. I think I just needed to take a break and hit it again.

Thanks for help, I'm sure i will need more soon!!

Galil / Camsoft - Galil DMC-1850 - stuck
« on: April 24, 2014, 07:35:25 PM »
Making the move from Camsoft to Mach3. I have a Bridgeport Series 2 that has been running since 2003 with the Camsoft, however I need a change :)  for all the reasons others have posted.

Current setup is a DMC1850 with 2 ICM-1900, the Camsoft pendant and steppers. The machine is completely wired and for the most part runs fine. So the motor drivers, limits, etc are all hooked up. For now all I want to do is use the encoder on the pendant for testing. It is hooked up to aux 4 on the Galil.

I have SmartTerm, the Galil plugin and Mach3 installed. The plug in recognizes the board. I think I  remember that Camsoft had installed a driver for the board. Does it cause a conflict?

I have followed the docs in the plugin as far as mapping the axis and the connections for the limit switches. Now I am stuck, nothing moves. Any quick pointers? What do most people miss? Even though the hardware was working should I test for movement in Smart Term?


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