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there is no time-optimizing. Its about movement optimizing from backlash point of view. Its something diferrent.

Your comments are applied now. Zero supress  checkbox, repeat F checkbox and 5 digit spindle speed has been added, as well as input file format filter ( txt files) is changed.

Updated version, known bugs are fixed.
Version 3.41

If I run some GCode programs, mach3 generates gong souns quite often ( almoust every input Gcode line ... ) .Its same signal as you can hear sometime (why not every time ?) if you press Mach3 Reset button.
I see that this sound is generated every time when Status text line is changed ( my G code input lines are with comments  in brackets and these comments are showed there in status line , however, curious is that not all comments, just some of them ....) .
What is the meaning of this - is it some kind of error message this song, or notification that status is changed ? Should I ignore it ? Is there any way to switch it off in Mach Setup  ?

Updated version :
  - spindle start /stop commands added before and after tool change command
  - improved stock positioning on screen ( move to zero checkbox )
  - added "INCH" excellon data command processing ( some of them do not use M72 but INCH instead....)
  - window size is smaller now , better for lower resolutions screen

This is Mach3 plugin for Excellon data format conversion to GCode data output file format. ( mostly required for PCB CNC drilling ) 

Part of processing is :
    - input data to real stock positions ( placement offset ) mapping and transformation
    - X-Y axis stock placement angle correction
    - data preview in graphical mode

It works with USB Camera now for easy machine to stock positions alignment !

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