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General Mach Discussion / CNC4PC Boards
« on: March 21, 2006, 08:59:13 PM »
OK, so before I get started with my retrobuild. I need to understand what I may getting into
with the boards I bought from CNC4PC. I see a few posts that are cautioning against their use.
Are these true mfgr issues, or user error?

What I bought are:

1 C10 bi directional breakout board
1 C3 index pulse card
1 C4 Safety charge pump
1 C6 Variable speed control board
1 C9 DC Relay board

Any conclusive info as to their reliability and ease of integration with Mach3 would be greatly appreciated.


Well after reading so many specific responses, mine is strictly graphic in nature, I would suggest: Take a look at the screen with your eyes squinted. All the data is blended into the nice background skin. This implies there needs to have some contrast between the more important data being shown and less important background skin. Lessen the intensity values for all the skin graphics to 30% of the data graphics.

Nothing is more frustrating to us challenged folks who confuse good data with good backgrounds, especially in a heated moment with the machine when all we want is the data (Front Center).

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