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I love the threading wizard in Mach 3.

I think I do understand that both axis need to move for a preliminary handshake to be formed between the spindle speed and the cutter. So I begin a cycle, the X and Z both move in a direction, then come back, and begin the thread cutting operation.

My first question is, what determines the direction the cutter moves when it is, calibrating itself against the spindle? Today, I set it up to thread and once I started it, the cutter instead of moving away from the chuck  and in, decided to go towards the chuck.

Also second, when I was threading a large pipe, the cutter went a very long way before returning to begin threading. Why so far? Poor encoder?

Just wondering what I can do to resolve or if someone can help me understand would be fantastic please.

Did I ask that correctly? I want to cut a larger rebate out my timber windows to install double glazing which requires a deeper and wider section to sit in.

Currently I am measuring out the existing rebated rectangle the glass sits in. I then create a code using Cambam to further cut out the rectangle in steps thus creating a large rebate deeper and wider inside my window sash.

I would love, to be able to set my end mill inside a cutout of a window frame. Then use the probe "center find" function to feed mach 3 the size of the current rebated inside of a window. Lastly, have my router know to rebate it out a further 20mm at a desired depth.

No need for measuring or setting up. Is this plausible?

And even further. In the situation of a window sash with several panes of glass. Is it plausible to have my router rebate out a section, then move up on the Y axis to automatically center itself and rebate out the next?

I hope I have explained myself. Initial and hardest I feel is the first of feeding a variable into a code.


General Mach Discussion / Mach 3 Probing 2010 Query
« on: February 13, 2017, 03:13:28 PM »
Hi. I am going to manufacture a probe for my router on screen set 2010.

I have already setup the auto tool zero which looks for a closed circuit ie I think a high-low.

The probes I have looked at are a break in the circuit. So must be a low-high. Do I need to design a circuit to break on contact in order to use the two together?

General Mach Discussion / Centering a cylinder with a probe Mach 3 2010
« on: February 06, 2017, 02:24:42 AM »
Hey I am about to setup a probe for my router on 2010 Mach 3. Im just in the planning stage but cant get my head around how it can probe for the centre of a cylinder by only four points of touch unless its perfectly round?

Does the probe  contact each axis in several places to find the furtherest point on an inside operation or closest when probing the outside of a cylinder? Am i making sense?

Would it touch on the X, for example, then move slightly in the y direction and touch again to ensure its correct?

Can it measure the centre of an oval shape for example?

Or is it just plain smart and just does it in four sample touches and I am overthinking it all?

General Mach Discussion / Quick Change Probe
« on: February 06, 2017, 01:49:04 AM »
Hi All,

I have decided that I am going to make and install a probe for the 2010 wizard. I have a centering probe already but am thinking I dont want to have one that I have to take my bit out of the collet everytime I want to use it.

Has anybody here made a probe that clips onto a Chinese spindle? I am thinking I will fabricate a bracket that I can lock a probe onto and then just unlock it.

Keen to hear from who may have done the same.


I have a very rigid gantry CNC Router with a 2.2KW variable speed spindle. I want to have a go at making some money cutting mild steel with it as it was offered today. Can I have some advice please on where to start with regards to cutters, air supply, misting etc. I am unable to wet the bed so misting or air would be the only option.

I have found I have no problem cutting alloy but the feeds and speeds needed to be perfect to avoid any tears from broken cutters lol

Has anyone had success doing this and wondering if it is a worthwhile project to pursue.

What about cutters? Any recommendations for dry cutting mill bits?

I hope to hear from someone I see a thread on another forum without any replies ha.

Regards from NZ

Hi. I have just reversed my settings to use the opposite end of my router table due to my workshop being too small. Running the 2010 screenset.

Everything is cool I have not set the homing switches to the other end yet but all works well with everything going in the correct directions etc.

I zeroed the Z on the mobile plate over the workpiece - nice. It retracted to 4mm.

I ran a program today. The spindle went to the new tool change position. Then it went to the new fixed plate position. Tool came down beautifully and touched down fine. Unfortunately as soon as it touched the second time it went from -45mm to -37mm and began its way back to the work piece with a new zero that was now 8mm too low. I was as fast as a cat and stopped it before it made me cry with a broken bit.

I have restarted the PC and also switched off my inverter to see if it was interfeering. No change - same result everytime.

I went to the tool change page and see out to the RH side there is a figure off the page that reads -36.85034??? Not sure what thats about but it is seemingly what the Z defaulted to once it touched off the fixed plate.

I have not been around my machine for a while but usually can suss things. This though has me stumped although for some reason 37mm seems familia?

Can anyone help? Mr Hood?

XML and poorly taken screen pic attached.

Hi. I am into version two, router table and going through the final setup but adding in more switches for the travel of my Y axis which I have added a slaved stepper to. I have found lots of wiring diagrams but nothing that can point me in the full direction of how to go about the limit and homing switches when I have a two stepper slaved motor setup.

Like last time I just ran a limit switch at the end of each axis with them in series NC. But this time I want to put a switch, both sides of the table. At each end of the Y axis and then one in the middle. I want to be able to setup Mach 3 so my machine will home axis Y and slave A, and will then also utilise the other switches to calibrate any racking out of the machine. And you know what? I have no confirmed idea on how to either wire them up or how to setup Mach 3 to know they are there.

My initial thoughts are to put each side of the table 3 switches in series for the Y axis and use two inputs. Then a third input for the Z and X axis switches wired NC in series?

Can someone help please? Too much information is not too much if you know what I mean. Otherwise I am operational and happy!

Regards Boyd

Hi. I am building number two CNC router with two stepper motors running my Y axis. I have an additional drive and have also read on the forum about slaving in Mach 3. What I cant find out is how to wire them together. Does anyone please kindly have a wiring diagram I can look at?

I have 4 wire stepper motors, DQ542MA drivers and a breakout board. Mr Hood I read a reply you wrote about this but I could not find anything about how to wire it up.

General Mach Discussion / Do I have a bug and is it a big one??
« on: March 11, 2014, 04:33:53 AM »
I have been using Mach3 sucessfully for 12 months. My first bug and one which I am writing to see if anyone else has had happen before I spend hours troubleshooting my system. If I try to cut something out using my CNC router, the Z axis works fine. Unfortunately the "Y" and "X" axis only move a fraction of the distance the cut is supposed to be.

If I calibrate the steps - ie ask it to move 100mm, it will move 100mm. If I jog the machine it will jog and count fine. As soon as I try to cut something out it will not work. Example, a 40mm square pocket moved about 1mm each X,Y axis and that was it. I have tried creating the gcode in metric and imperial with no success.

I have found for some reason Mach3 seems to be confused with its native units. It is supposed to be imperial but when calibrating it moves in metric. It also confused the metric counter with inches and affected my soft limits. Meaning when it hit 52mm it thought it had hit 52" and stopped itself.

Oh and at one stage Mach3 changed its own motor settings - at first I couldnt work out why it was moving so slow to find the accel and vel were turned right down.

Ideas anyone? This was a fully functional machine as of yesterday so am a little confused.


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