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I have no idea why? Drew this up in SharkCad, Cambam next. I tried changing the IJ to inc to see its already there.

Have absolutely no idea how to fix this instead of redraw it in Cambam. Would be nice not too have too?

Gcode below if someone can help, would appreciate it a lot. Sorry not allowed to paste all the code so attached the file. B

As above question - I have a lot of 3c wire around. I am automating my Tenoning machine with one stepper and a Chinese controller. The setup will work, but I need about 4m of 4C cable to go from the driver to the stepper.

So what is stopping me from wiring up my Nema 23 4 lead motor to the driver but sharing the negative leads? In effect a common and only needing a 3C cable. Am I missing something about steppers that means they need to be seperate?


General Mach Discussion / 2010 screenset probing question
« on: June 13, 2019, 07:06:38 PM »
I love the 2010 screenset - I dont think my question it about it particularly. But when I use the probe function to zero my tool against a workpiece, the program changes the machine coordinates as well.  So the fixed tool plate is no longer in the correct place, soft limits no longer work, because the machine seems to home to the new zero.

Know what I mean? What am I missing here?

Regards Boyd

General Mach Discussion / Slaving closed loop stepper motors
« on: April 19, 2019, 08:12:41 PM »
I have bought a couple of closed loop stepper motors off StepperOnline. Chinese company. This is to replace the Chinese steppers I have been using for many years.

Very strange issue though, and thought I might post here to see if anyone else has had a problem with closed loop slaved steppers losing steps. Yep, but not very many, lets say 1mm over a span of 500mm increasing exponentially.   (ooh did I spell that right? Ha)

System has the A axis slaved off the Y - and I think, this is the problem. Although I cant confirm that unless I put one on my X axis which I am reluctant to do.

But I have troubleshot this system to death (apart from the above). Infact to the point of hooking the drivers up to their stolen software (off Leadshine) to double check the resolution settings of the encoder and also the driver. To no avail, I get exactly the same fault. The closed loop steppers are cool, if I overcome them on standstill, they will drive right back to where they were. So thought I would post here prior to pulling them off.


General Mach Discussion / Stepper motors that shudder.
« on: April 01, 2019, 02:25:55 AM »
I have a router, running it with Nema 23 425lb motors on screws. The Y axis has double motors. If I set the speeds any higher than 1800, whilst jogging my Nema 23s will stop, with a corresponding brrrrr sound. Kind of like the sound my Milwaukee driver makes pushing in a screw.

The jog speed with a 5mm pitch screw is about 1800, anything above that I will have the above fault appear. But am unsure if I am asking too much of these motors or do I need to troubleshoot them? If I slow everything down it all becomes good and happy.

Or, is it just I should upgrade to Nema 34 motors?

Also I see my drivers are up to 50V and I am supplying them with 36V. Is it better for the drivers to be receiving the higher voltage?

What do you think?

Looking at Youtube for a bit of disassembly info to change out the bearings in my Chinese 2.2kw spindle motor I noticed how quickly the guys spindle would start. I wanted the same. So I set the inverter to make the spindle go waaarrrp!!! Starts in a few seconds. Nice.

Ok so the problem with that, is the huge surge of current, and I may be wrong here so correct me if I am, but once the motor reaches a speed, it no longer needs all that current being delivered so it surges for a small amount of time back into the supply phase? Anyway, the PC, the CNC breakout board, power supply and all 4 drivers went up in smoke. This because all of them were plugged into the same socket. Oh, and it had that steenky burnt electrical smell.

I have 3 phases in my workshop so have dedicated the inverter to its own phase now.

I need to replace my gear. Question. I currently have a normal DB25 breakout board for my 3 axis router. Looking at replacements they are $10. Does anyone think I should upgrade to a better breakout board? Like, is it worth while doing this or do I just stick with the cheap reliable same same?? Be good to hear thoughts please.

One of those days where we are busy, out cnc machinery is working in the background, the tool goes where it shouldn't on the lathe, stops the workpiece, pop goes the nice single phase motor - and it was a reversible one at that! Anyways I have had a DC treadmill motor sitting on the shelf to put into this lathe, just means I need to do it now. But a couple of quick questions if someone could please answer with a yes or no?

I know I am not supplying all info here and am just keen on hearing opinion in a general sense.

1) I plan to control the speed of this lathe DC motor with mach 3. And am actually going to use a PWM to 0-10VDC converter I bought off someone in this community. I have a speed sensor on the lathe already for threading. Does Mach 3 read this speed input and then decide what output to send to the motor controller?

2) The Chinese motor controller has the three connections for a 10k pot for the speed control. Its plausible I can plumb my PWM converter into these connections to control the speed?

3) The DC motor has CW written on it. I thought all DC motors were reversible? Wondering if this one is reversible or is there something mechanical that would make it unhappy going in the other direction. Its a 2hp treadmill motor.

Fun fun fun!

General Mach Discussion / Couple of itchy problems can someone please help.
« on: November 02, 2018, 02:41:25 AM »
Home built CNC Router.

I use it in my door making joinery business. Man. I dont know how I got by without it! Ok. I am using the 2010 screenset Gerry built. Two problems:

1. When I probe for an edge, and I do it lots so I can set my machine perfectly on the side of a work piece. I just use the end mill I am using at the time, and probe it against the moveable plate that I use for auto depth. Obviously I make sure I put the diameter of the milling bit into the program. So no probe but it works great. The problem is, that if I do an edge probe, it sets all my machine coordinates to zero, not just the coordinates. So this corresponding action throws out all my limits etc requiring a homing to get my limits working again. I just want it to zero on the edge, not everything.

2. One operation I do, is I physically rotate my spindle 45 deg. This is so I can mortise into the edge of a door. Great for installing a lock and rebate set. I do this by just swapping the pins/outputs for the Z and the X inside the program. It works great. But, if I try to save this XML file and rename it, the probing, and the auto depth setting no longer works. I just cant work out what I am supposed to do. All I want is a "router" profile, and a "side router" profile that I can load on the program start. I have even tried just copying the file and renaming. Currently I am having to swap out the software pins each time.

Small things. Please help. I am not saying I have spent hours trying to work this out. Just, you know, if someone knew what to do here???


General Mach Discussion / Mach turn. Very very, very slow.
« on: July 27, 2018, 07:38:03 PM »
I have uncovered my lathe to do a quick job that is into day three now. Love it. But, I am up to trial number 9 now so am reaching out.

Requiring to machine a button I have downloaded a version of ECam. Its done all the correct things except for make my lathe work. Setting the piece in the chuck, hit go, the machine will jog at full speed (turned down because the saddle is not easy to move on this machine).

Then when cutting operation begins, the machine will feed at say 0.3 m/min. Real slow. Ive changed all the speeds in Ecam but no change. I am wondering whats going on?

I did think to try the rev/min option. No change. The spindle does have a speed sensor which is working but on or off, no change. Cant work out why the feed wont speed up. Can someone please take a look and see what is wrong with either my version of mach 3 or the gcode I have created with ecam?

Rgds Boyd

Hi. I did trawl through a few pages on this topic. And read the whole post on the programmers reference manual which included a lot of off topic stuff.

I need a quick push in the correct direction on where to start so I can build my own very basic wizards for a cnc router. Will be very basic operations such as 3 rectangular pockets, with the size/depth/position etc quickly fed in to achieve the job(s) in a very nice and easy setup time.

What threw me was not knowing exactly which language I need to learn. Thought VB(?) was the one for Mach 3, but reading the post I saw there were several other options?

5 years ago I didnt even know what a CNC Router was. Have since built several, learned everything else I needed too. Now, I need to learn this. Without asking how actually to do it, could someone please just give me the push in the right direction where to start so I can write my own wizards?

Currently I am making drawings with CAD, then Cambam to get my G-code. For the basic stuff I am using the inbuilt wizards. Just need more and am happy to spend the time learning.

Many thanks in advance.

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