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General Mach Discussion / Feed rate over ride problem
« on: May 28, 2016, 10:06:46 AM »

I’m hoping someone can offer some pointers to help me solve a feed-rate problem I am having. I have a 600x400 CNC router running Mach 3 (Version 2.63) and my PC has a 32-bit Win7 OS.

The problem is with the feed-rate seems to be locking itself down to 2% of the set value and is constantly saying it is over ridden.

My PC is not connected to the CNC and I load some G-code with a feed rate of 732mm/min and run the programme. The set feed-rate can be seen as set at 732mm/min by the code – the actual feed-rate can be seen following the set feed-rate more or less. There is no Feed-rate over-ridden LED lit up.  – in other words -  it behaves normally.

I then try the same thing when connected to the CNC. When the machine is connected the software always flashes the feed-rate over-ridden LED – it indicates a 2% FRO in the top right corner of the Feed rate box. The feed rate creeps along at a fraction of the 732mm/min in the code (2%?) . If I press the reset button whilst running the feed-rate momentarily speeds up to the target value but then resets back down again. The reset button and the up and down buttons have no persistent impact. They do work however if I am not connected to the CNC.

It kind of feels like I have a setting somewhere that is forcing the feed-rate down when connected to the machine. I can’t for the life of me find it however.

Any suggestions on what to look at to get this running correctly please? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



General Mach Discussion / Feed Rate Over Ride - can't turn it off
« on: January 29, 2014, 12:49:10 PM »
Hi all

Another newbie here. . .   just taking my 1st steps into CNC with a small desktop mill. I have my first question I hope someone can help me with.

I have the machine set up, running under jog control, and soft limits set.

I have a problem with the Feed Rate Over Ride preventing the machine from feeding at the set federate.

The g-code has a federate of 300mm/min. The program runs fine when not attached to the machine. But when ever the machine is attached to the PC I get the red LED for Feed Rate Over Ride come on and it down regulates the feed so something ridiculously low. If I click reset it jumps up momentarily but then gets overridden. It does the same even if there’s no toolpath loaded – as soon as it’s connected to the PC.

I can’t find anyway to turn off the feed rate override.  (It’s a demo / trial version of Mach 3 currently while  I learn my way around).

Any suggestions where I go look for settings that may cause this please?


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