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General Mach Discussion / VideoOCX error with new camera
« on: September 03, 2007, 02:41:35 PM »
Hi, I searched to see if there was a topic to post this in but none seem relevant so here goes.
I have an old USB webcam which I thought I'd try to use on my small mill ( EMCO F1 retrofitted with Xylotex drivers )
It worked well and gave good results but was too big. Then I saw that someone used one of the small square type cameras which I would have room for. I bought one and installed it but now get "VideoOCX(VIDEO) Disconnect Failed" when I try to stop the video stream.
If I click OK on the error, click stop video again and then close the window the video will restart when I click on the View tab on the menu bar. If I close the window after the first error then I can only get video again if MACH3 is closed. I have also tried not starting the video stream when using the camera but this made no difference.

There isn't much installed on the shop PC that drives the mill so I wiped the hard drive, formatted and re-installed XP and MACH3 but the error is the same. Is there a driver for my camera ( Sumvision ) that will stop this error or has anyone else encountered this problem?
I searched for drivers but they all appear to be different revisions ( earlier ) of the driver supplied.
These other drivers didn't change the error.

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