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As you know, when cutting with plasma, in proportion with the direction of cut, the kerf side changes. So, when cutting CW the kerf should be outside and when cutting CCW the kerf should be inside.
Now my question is:
Can mach3 calculate the kerf automatically by a given value in a DRO?
If no, can i use different tools from the "tool table" to do it? (how does this table work?)
Any ideas would be helpfull...

General Mach Discussion / Re: Feedrate DRO...
« on: August 29, 2007, 01:31:31 AM »
Thank you.
I also placed at config->general config->initialization string, the commant F1000. So when i press reset for first time, gets this speed.
This software is amazing! Can be configured in any way.

General Mach Discussion / Help in settings...
« on: August 28, 2007, 07:32:06 AM »
I need some help in the seetings of mach3.
While the motors are moving, i can hear a noise like "gap-gap..." given in stable time.
I suppose that the problem is the PC, because i have used another PC and i didn't have these problems.
I have changed the configurations to this PC as www.machsupport.com gives (msconfig, etc...).
Has the kernel speed to do with that? What should i look for?
Any advice would be helpfull.

General Mach Discussion / Feedrate DRO...
« on: August 28, 2007, 06:12:52 AM »
At the start of mach3, the feedrate DRO goes to a value (06). Even if i change it, the next time that the program starts goes again to 6. What can i do to keep the last value given?

General Mach Discussion / About the "auto help".
« on: August 24, 2007, 05:15:20 AM »
Hi everyone!
When right clicking on the DROs there is an auto help appearing (the "magician"), describing the function of the DRO.
How to disable this auto help? Because sometimes it appears when i don't want and interruppts the program.
Thanks in advance!

General Mach Discussion / Re: Stop File & M1000 in one button...
« on: June 01, 2007, 09:01:57 AM »
Thats it!
Thanks Brian!

General Mach Discussion / Stop File & M1000 in one button...
« on: May 26, 2007, 06:12:03 AM »
sorry for interrupting so often the forum for silly questions!
But please be patient as long as i'm a beginer....

Now, i want to stop the file (exaclty as stop button does),
and simultaneously deactivate some outputs.
So i write at the vb script:
code ("Stop File")
code ("M1008")
code("bla bla")

But it doesn't work.

Any ideas?

General Mach Discussion / Re: User macros that produce problems...
« on: May 26, 2007, 04:27:46 AM »
Braham, thanks!
Its fine!

General Mach Discussion / Re: Pause LED does not work...
« on: May 26, 2007, 01:35:20 AM »
Thank you a lot!

General Mach Discussion / Pause LED does not work...
« on: May 24, 2007, 03:18:33 AM »
I have made a button system function: pause
and a LED system function: pause
When the program is running i press the pause button. The program stops. The LED does not light!
I have tried also oem code for the led 805. It does the same.
Please show me what code to use...

And where i can find a FULL list or manual for the mach3? Or it is the same with mach2 manual?

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