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Hey guys,

i have the following problem. I start up Mach3 and i switch on "Jog" to move the axis by hand with the cursor button. I have setup everything correctly in Motor tuning and i was pretty happy until this afternoon. I was moving along the z axis and was getting ready to slowly plunge into my work piece and i noticed that the x axis was moving a lot faster than before. So i switched of the lathe and moved the x axis and its going about 4 times as fast as normal. I checked the motor tuning settings and retype everything about 50 times and nothing changed. After that i moved the Z around a bit for about a minute or two and all over sudden the x went back to normal settings.
This keeps happening all the time now. First i though the drive might be bad and i tested it with 2 other ones with the same result. The x position on the screen still moves slowly and is totally off the real movement. Its almost like it switched from 1/8 step to full or half step, although they are all set for 1/8 step with dip switches.
All this started today after i "accidentally" installed mach3 again. Not sure if that has something to do with it. I dont dare running any code at the moment since i don't want a 1/8 plunge ending up being a 1/2 one
Anyone ever experienced that? Any help is greatly appreciated


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