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Hello all !
I'm writing my  own Pluging with Visual C++ 2008 and the so convenient  'Wizard Plugin' by Edward D. Bryson.

It's a kind of very simple plugin:
A dialog box asks you to choose in a list Box the item  you want to CNC machine and then brings the spindle to
the 0 reference XY of that piece.

The help i need is the following:

When i'm homing the machine with  DoButton(1024);DoButton(1023);DoButton(1022);
i would like to know how to do for waiting the homing to be done (like a kind of  a While( IsMoving) statement, but in C++)
before executing a next instruction.

I've tried if(Engine->State== true) , if(Engine->Jogging== true)  , if(Engine->Homing== true) and some others
but each time mach3 does it's homing without taking care of of those conditions.

In the  same way ,when i'm executing a GCode( X..Y.. Z...) instruction, a SetDRO(800,0.0000) just after  isn't executed.

It's seems that Mach3 while moving the axis,continues the "reading"  of the code but doesn't execute it -like a jump- , and
THEN , when the move is finished, take again any new instruction into account.
So instructions are " lost "in between..

Is it possible to programmatically initiate a move, then wait till this movement is finished  (how????), and then execute other lines of codes ?

Thanks for helping

Cyril  :-X

General Mach Discussion / Set a User LED to be On by default
« on: December 15, 2013, 04:29:03 AM »

I created a User led with a user button, and i'd like to have this LED to be lit (turned on) by default when i launch Mach3
, and then when i would  press my button it would  turn the LED off.

I would like to know if there's a way to do this as LED states don't appear to be editable.
Maybe i should try to edit (carefully) the XML to force mach3 to light my LED as it starts ?


General Mach Discussion / inhibit all axis
« on: November 27, 2013, 04:39:44 AM »
Hello everybody,
i'm creating a button on my screenset to disable/enable the drivers of the stepper motors, so that i can
put the motors "on pause" when needed.

The problem is that when my motors are  "paused" this way, i can still jog the different axis in Mach ( with no moves of the motors obviously)
and the DRO's are changing.
That's pretty disturbing because if i jog unvoluntay, i lose my reference.
So my question:
Is there a way to "freeze" the DRO's so that they won't change when  the motors are paused, and as soon as the motors are re-enabled the DRO's would be free to change again.
I've tried the function DoOEMButton(250).  (Jog Inhibit X Off/On Toggle  and so on for each axis)
But it doesn't prevent the DRO's to change.

Any ideas ?

General Mach Discussion / Feedrate overide for each axis independently
« on: November 20, 2013, 04:38:04 PM »

i would like to know if there's a way to add sliders to control the overide of the feedrate  for EACH axis.
At that time the overide function acts on every axis.

I would like  to be able at least to control the common overide for  X/Y feedrate and besides  this  be able to
alter the Z feedrate independently.

Do you think it is something achievable by creating sliders and macros?
I don't have any clue which instruction(s)  can modify the feedrate...

Any help would be appreciated.


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