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Fixed it - I added "G95" just before the G76 line and it works fine now!


Oooooooooooh heres something interesting - when the program fails at the G76 line then it doesn't actually fail in the fact that the steppers do not work - it fails because mach3 fails to go into "mm/rev" mode. it stays in "mm/min" mode, so the steppers are moving but at a really slow rate as it is a 0.75 pitch thread so it's actually doing 0.75mm per minute!

Heres the test g-code.

G18 G21 G64 G80 G90 G40 G49 G94
GO Z50 X50
M0 ( TOOL 05 )
M3 S800
G0 G90 Z5 X9.84
G4 P1000
G76 X8.95 Z-21 Q2 P0.75 J0.03 L45 H0.05 I29 C0.3 B0.01 T0
G0 Z50 X50

Any ideas?


CNCdrives claim it is a stepper motor problem, however I changed over to a ESS controller and the problem vanished. I ran with the ESS for 4 hours constant with no problem. I then changed back and the problem appeared again after only the second run.  :o

So the ESS fixed that problem, but has interference problems of it's own that the UC100 never had. Even though the ESS is supposed to be more robust in noisy environments it actually fails where a USB controller does not.

 ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

Most of the criteria that you recommend are met including the relays for the VFD inputs and all isolated outputs from the control box.

The only thing I don't really have is AC line filters. I have emailed you asking about the cost of a couple shipped to the UK.


Sort of scratching my head here - I've thought I'd already elminated any VFD noise. The machine is a Denford Easiturn with the original single/3 phase setup. All connections are grounded properly.

When using the standard printer port (LPTP) the machine purrs along, then adding a USB interfaced UC100 controller the machine purrs along. All I did was remove the usb interfacing and add the ESS (which isn't USB) and is powered by the same 5v 2amp power supply that supplies the BOB. Everything else is in exactly the same place. Yet now the USB mouse and keyboard die on the machine. If it was an interference problem I would have expected it to be worse using the USB interface.

The only thing I can think of is making sure the ethernet cable is shielded, but if it wasn't would that kill the PC's USB?


Right a bit of background - got a perfectly well working lathe with a Uniport V3 and v3 spindle card. I have been using it with a UC100 and all is well except a bit of back lash on the x axis. The Mach3 backlash does not seem to work once I have homed the machine  :( I also had the machine running directly from the parallel port with no problems - just a lower speed.

So looking at it all i had to do was swap over the UC100 and connect up the ESS (obviously adding the ethernet and a 5v supply) -

All went well and the z axis is - great, x axis - great, suds pump - great, then spindle - NOTHING. so went into the config and set the spindle t0 step/dir mode in 5 us mode (same as mach3). Then tried the spindle again - YAY it works, however when the spindle starts the mouse and keyboard lock up. This sort of makes using it in my mach 3 a bit useless. I have to hit an estop then wait 15 - 30 seconds to get the mouse and keyboard back.

WinXP sp3 dual core 2gig ram. Latest version of mach3 from the main site and version ESS_v10h2d1a of the ess plugin.

I have tried all sorts of settings.

Help please...........  :-*


PS just double checked and it physically knocks out the USB - e.g the lights go out on the mouse and keyboard.

Actually I was trying the first way you mention, but every time I set it up in the tooltable it was screwing my other tools settings up.

Ah I see, thanks I will give that a go.

thanks again

OK guys/gals, found Hood's great video and can set the tool table up with external facing, threading tools - GREAT  ;D

However struggling to set up boring and drilling tools.

Anyone got any solid tips?


SmoothStepper USB / Re: SYIL UK + ESS = OMG
« on: April 10, 2014, 08:47:57 AM »
At the end of the day - we end up paying more. - as usual.

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