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General Mach Discussion / Re: UC100 interference - Ethernet better?
« on: January 18, 2014, 07:16:10 AM »
Btw the lpt port doesn't flake out at all with the spindle on. The inputs are also all opto isolated (uniport v3 board).

It seems to me that the lpt port is more robust than USB and was hoping that ethernet was the same.

General Mach Discussion / Re: UC100 interference - Ethernet better?
« on: January 18, 2014, 06:26:27 AM »
Hi thanks for the replies -

All cables (every single one is shielded).
The power saving mode is turned off for USB.
ACPI is tuned off (set as standard PC)

Tried putting a printer port cable between the UC100 and physically moved it away from machine - same problem. Thing is everything works fine I can air cut with the coolant pump on etc for hours, but as soon as I switch the spindle on - bump the UC100 disconnects.

thanks again

I just don't understand why it's OK on printer port cable - I'm thinking my PC just doesn't like USB, personally I've always found USB flaky.

General Mach Discussion / UC100 interference - Ethernet better?
« on: January 17, 2014, 02:26:43 PM »
Got a cnc lathe setup with a Uniport v3 - works well enough, but thought I'd try a UC100 motion controller.

The UC100 is great when it works (the steppers are like rockets and very smooth) - however when I turn the spindle on the UC100 just drops out. Interference I'm guessing but I've tried everything to sort it out with no success. Strange as the Printer port never misses a beat.

Has anyone got experience of Ethernet motion controllers? e.g. are they as susceptible to interference as USB?


Built it, tested it, working great. Used 590ohm resistors in the end which gives me around 20mA@24v.

Thanks to all (well nearly all) for the help. Mucho mucho appreciated.


Apparently a replacing the resistors with 580ohm will give me 20mA@24v

OK I have been researching and come up with a diagram, but before I connect it could someone have a look and tell me if I'm anywhere near? (don't want to blow my breakout board up).

The forward current should be limited to 40mA@24v. Now this is where I have no idea - will the LTV-847 be ok at that? I don't understand the info in the datasheet


Then again I've read to use a 3.3k resister and don't need a diode????  ???


I do like the look of the LTV847 though as it has 4 opto relays on it. The anode/cathode/collector/emitter parts is easy enough to understand, just struggling with how to get the 24v down to 5v for the input. Looking at the datasheet the max is 6v input. Found a couple of diagrams but they seem to be 5v circuits using a 470ohm resister.

If you want a bank of I/O optos, look at the Opto22 racks, they have anywhere from 4-48 opto boards with various termination types and also 5v or 24vdc control as well as all degree's of AC/DC voltage inputs.
Plentiful and cheap on ebay.

Thank you very much.

Ah so a knob-head then. Why suggest anything at all in the first place??? - forums are better off without people like you.

I see SSR's with triggering voltages of 3-32v often.

Do you also see dead people :-)

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