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G-Code, CAD, and CAM discussions / G76 threading problem
« on: March 11, 2014, 03:33:33 PM »
Got a problem with G76

G0 G90 Z5 X9.84
G76 X8.95 Z-21 Q2 P0.75 J0.03 L45 H0.05 I29 C0.3 B0.01 T0

This code works 90% of the time but then will suddenly stick on 0.75 feed, whereas when it runs properly it goes to 0.75 feed when at the point of starting the thread and then changes to 600 feed when cutting the thread.


G-Code, CAD, and CAM discussions / Lathe G-Code G83 L parameter?
« on: February 26, 2014, 09:50:20 AM »
The manual states:

Quote  G83  and G83.1 Cycles 
The G83 cycle (often called peck drilling) and G83.1 (rapid peck drilling) is intended for
deep drilling or milling with chip breaking. See also G73. The retracts in this cycle clear the
hole of chips and cut off any long stringers (which are common when drilling in aluminum).
This cycle takes a Q number which distance used by each peck. Program 
  G83 X~ Z~ R~ L~ Q~ 
Preliminary motion, as described above. 
Move the Z-axis only at the current feed rate downward by delta or to the Z position,
whichever is less deep. 
For G83 rapid back out to the clear Z. For G83.1 rapid out by the peck distance (Q)
Rapid back down to the current hole bottom, backed off a bit. 
Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 until the Z position is reached at step 1. 
Retract the Z-axis at traverse rate to clear Z. 
It is an error if: 
·  the Q number is negative or zero.

L - number of repetitions in canned cycles/subroutines key used with G10

However I can't see what "L" is for? I have tried it and it seems to do nothing (tried several different numbers).

Is it relevant?


G-Code, CAD, and CAM discussions / Angle calculations for G-Code?
« on: January 25, 2014, 12:12:24 PM »
I have been searching for a while on how to calculate and angle in g-code.


Stock - 50 diameter

I want to cut a a 45 degree angle

The mach3 wizards with cut a taper but the g-code overshoots the end. So if I put a x as 10 and z as 0 the the code will go to -9.5 (example), this is OK if it's an end angle but not if it's like the picture.

I've seen a couple of wizards that ask for angle and then start z and end z. Isn't the z end redundant? e.g if i wanted a angle from x=0 z=0 @45 degrees to a stock diameter of 30mm then put in a z end of 500mm the angle using the z end would not be 45 degrees. I would have thought it would be either an angle or point to point and you get what angle comes out.

Anyway I would like the formulas for working this out myself - arc formulas would be nice as well.  


SmoothStepper USB / SYIL UK + ESS = OMG
« on: January 21, 2014, 06:15:15 AM »
ESS cost $180 (£109) in the US. I contacted warp9yd and they explained that syil are the UK outlet.

Syil are charging an eye watering £175 ($287.35) + delivery  :o

That's a 37.36% price hike for the UK customer  - nice  >:(

General Mach Discussion / Wizards OD arc help
« on: January 20, 2014, 02:58:59 PM »
I tried the OD arc wizard and it gives me an arc in G03 code. On my denford easiturn (front tooling) it's the opposite of what i want. Can you force the OD arc to use G02 instead of G03. I have searched by cant find anything.


Third party software and hardware support forums. / Denford Quickturn 2D
« on: January 20, 2014, 08:19:40 AM »
Has anyone tried/used the above software? I tried the demo and for a lathe it seems brilliant! I produced the shape in the pic in about 30 seconds flat. Why other lathe oriented programs don't use this simple approach is beyond me!?!?!?!?

It also has a 3D model mode for showing the item in 3D - but quite honestly it's not needed.

The only problem with the demo mode is that it produces ZERO code so you can't determine whether it is ok or not for your purpose.

Anyone use it? Got examples?

Don't use but but want to sell license?


SmoothStepper USB / ESS and BOB questions
« on: January 18, 2014, 09:53:30 AM »
Hi, I have a Uniport v3 connected to Lpt port and for the most part works great, I like the relays etc etc. However wanting a bit more performance I bought a UC100 - this connects directly to the Uniport BOB and works transparently between them. Sadly my system hates the UC100 and it just drops out all the time.

I have looked at the ESS manual and it "seems" that the ESS will do exactly the same except obviously using Ethernet - is this correct?

If so - I'm in the UK, where can I buy one?


General Mach Discussion / UC100 interference - Ethernet better?
« on: January 17, 2014, 02:26:43 PM »
Got a cnc lathe setup with a Uniport v3 - works well enough, but thought I'd try a UC100 motion controller.

The UC100 is great when it works (the steppers are like rockets and very smooth) - however when I turn the spindle on the UC100 just drops out. Interference I'm guessing but I've tried everything to sort it out with no success. Strange as the Printer port never misses a beat.

Has anyone got experience of Ethernet motion controllers? e.g. are they as susceptible to interference as USB?


I have a denford easiturn and i think the original opto spindle encoder is up the spout. I was looking to just directly replace it. I read a post by Hood that recommended the Optek OPB917B.  Does anyone know if this opto will work on the denford? (It's the one with the encoder disk on the spindle that has lots of holes around the edge and then a single slot inside that one - the one mach3 uses).

Can anyone point me in the direction of a circuit diagram for the Optek OPB917B that replicates the original denford opto encoder albeit just using the single slot on the disk.

Thanks in advance - rim

General Mach Discussion / Mach3 lathe manual control?
« on: October 16, 2013, 12:16:15 PM »
Hi, just moving into the cnc World. I have a friend who has a Bridgeport EZ-Path S and as well as using g-code it has manual handles so he can use the lathe manually. No I know that you can jog the carriage in Mach3 using the keyboard/pendant on the X and Z axis (lathe) but he can also lock both axis to produce say a 45 degree angle. Handy for quick jobs that don't warrant full blown cnc. Can you do this In mach3?


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