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Share Your GCode / Cutting circle
« on: January 20, 2014, 08:46:01 AM »
Hi Guys,
I'm using solidcam to generate my gcode. I've noticed that my circles and arc's are not very smooth. As a simple test I create a circle and generated gcode to go around the perimeter.
Does this code look ok to you, can you see why my part looks like it's been cut from lots of straight lines rather than one smooth radius??

Code: [Select]
( MCV-OP ) (20-JAN-2014)
(SUBROUTINES: O2 .. O0)         
G90 G17
G80 G49 G40
G91 G28 Z0
N1 M6 T1
(TOOL -1- MILL DIA 6.0 R0. MM )
G90 G00 G40 G54
G43 H1 D31 G0 X-2.374 Y59.937 Z50. S1000 M3
   X-2.374 Y59.937 Z10.
G1 Z-10. F33
   X-2.265 Y60.719 F100
G2 X-2.238 Y60.882 R3.
G1 X-1.691 Y63.683
G2 X-1.655 Y63.844 R3.
G1 X-0.955 Y66.608
G2 X-0.91 Y66.767 R3.
G1 X-0.058 Y69.493
G2 X-0.004 Y69.649 R3.
G1 X0.997 Y72.322
G2 X1.059 Y72.475 R3.
G1 X2.204 Y75.086
G2 X2.275 Y75.236 R3.
G1 X3.565 Y77.785
G2 X3.644 Y77.931 R3.
G1 X5.07 Y80.4
G2 X5.156 Y80.541 R3.
G1 X6.718 Y82.931
G2 X6.812 Y83.067 R3.
G1 X8.501 Y85.366
G2 X8.603 Y85.496 R3.
G1 X10.418 Y87.7
G2 X10.527 Y87.825 R3.
G1 X12.456 Y89.921
G2 X12.57 Y90.038 R3.
G1 X12.775 Y90.238
   X12.777 Y90.24
   X14.621 Y92.033
G2 X14.742 Y92.145 R3.
G1 X16.893 Y94.019
G2 X17.021 Y94.124 R3.
G1 X19.275 Y95.878
G2 X19.408 Y95.976 R3.
G1 X21.751 Y97.6
G2 X21.89 Y97.691 R3.
G1 X24.321 Y99.185
G2 X24.464 Y99.268 R3.
G1 X26.975 Y100.627
G2 X27.122 Y100.701 R3.
G1 X29.702 Y101.919
G2 X29.854 Y101.985 R3.
G1 X32.497 Y103.059
G2 X32.652 Y103.117 R3.
G1 X35.351 Y104.044
G2 X35.509 Y104.093 R3.
G1 X38.255 Y104.869
G2 X38.415 Y104.91 R3.
G1 X41.2 Y105.534
G2 X41.362 Y105.566 R3.
G1 X44.177 Y106.035
G2 X44.341 Y106.058 R3.
G1 X47.174 Y106.372
G2 X47.339 Y106.385 R3.
G1 X50.188 Y106.543
G2 X50.354 Y106.547 R3.
G1 X53.213
G2 X53.379 Y106.543 R3.
G1 X56.229 Y106.385
G2 X56.393 Y106.372 R3.
G1 X59.228 Y106.058
G2 X59.392 Y106.035 R3.
G1 X62.206 Y105.565
G2 X62.368 Y105.534 R3.
G1 X65.152 Y104.91
G2 X65.312 Y104.869 R3.
G1 X68.058 Y104.093
G2 X68.216 Y104.044 R3.
G1 X70.916 Y103.117
G2 X71.07 Y103.059 R3.
G1 X73.714 Y101.985
G2 X73.865 Y101.919 R3.
G1 X76.445 Y100.701
G2 X76.593 Y100.627 R3.
G1 X79.105 Y99.267
G2 X79.248 Y99.184 R3.
G1 X81.678 Y97.691
G2 X81.816 Y97.6 R3.
G1 X84.161 Y95.974
G2 X84.295 Y95.876 R3.
G1 X86.547 Y94.123
G2 X86.674 Y94.018 R3.
G1 X88.825 Y92.145
G2 X88.947 Y92.033 R3.
G1 X90.993 Y90.043
G2 X91.108 Y89.924 R3.
G1 X93.041 Y87.824
G2 X93.15 Y87.7 R3.
G1 X94.964 Y85.497
G2 X95.065 Y85.366 R3.
G1 X96.756 Y83.067
G2 X96.85 Y82.931 R3.
G1 X98.41 Y80.542
G2 X98.497 Y80.401 R3.
G1 X99.923 Y77.931
G2 X100.002 Y77.785 R3.
G1 X101.291 Y75.238
G2 X101.362 Y75.089 R3.
G1 X102.508 Y72.476
G2 X102.57 Y72.323 R3.
G1 X103.571 Y69.65
G2 X103.625 Y69.493 R3.
G1 X104.477 Y66.767
G2 X104.522 Y66.608 R3.
G1 X105.222 Y63.844
G2 X105.258 Y63.683 R3.
G1 X105.805 Y60.882
G2 X105.832 Y60.719 R3.
G1 X106.224 Y57.895
G2 X106.242 Y57.731 R3.
G1 X106.478 Y54.881
G2 X106.487 Y54.716 R3.
G1 X106.566 Y51.866
G2 X106.566 Y51.701 R3.
G1 X106.487 Y48.851
G2 X106.478 Y48.686 R3.
G1 X106.242 Y45.837
G2 X106.224 Y45.672 R3.
G1 X105.832 Y42.848
G2 X105.805 Y42.685 R3.
G1 X105.258 Y39.884
G2 X105.222 Y39.723 R3.
G1 X104.522 Y36.959
   X104.481 Y36.813
   X104.465 Y36.76
   X104.461 Y36.747
   X103.625 Y34.074
G2 X103.571 Y33.918 R3.
G1 X102.57 Y31.245
G2 X102.508 Y31.092 R3.
G1 X101.363 Y28.481
G2 X101.292 Y28.332 R3.
G1 X100.002 Y25.782
G2 X99.923 Y25.636 R3.
G1 X98.498 Y23.167
G2 X98.411 Y23.026 R3.
G1 X96.85 Y20.636
G2 X96.756 Y20.5 R3.
G1 X95.066 Y18.201
G2 X94.964 Y18.071 R3.
G1 X93.149 Y15.867
G2 X93.041 Y15.742 R3.
G1 X91.106 Y13.641
G2 X90.991 Y13.523 R3.
G1 X88.992 Y11.578
   X88.977 Y11.564
   X88.927 Y11.515
   X88.82 Y11.417
   X86.674 Y9.549
G2 X86.546 Y9.443 R3.
G1 X84.292 Y7.689
G2 X84.159 Y7.592 R3.
G1 X81.816 Y5.967
G2 X81.678 Y5.876 R3.
G1 X79.248 Y4.383
G2 X79.105 Y4.3 R3.
G1 X76.593 Y2.941
G2 X76.445 Y2.866 R3.
G1 X73.865 Y1.648
G2 X73.714 Y1.582 R3.
G1 X71.07 Y0.508
G2 X70.916 Y0.451 R3.
G1 X68.216 Y-0.476
G2 X68.058 Y-0.526 R3.
G1 X65.312 Y-1.302
G2 X65.152 Y-1.343 R3.
G1 X62.368 Y-1.967
G2 X62.206 Y-1.998 R3.
G1 X59.39 Y-2.468
G2 X59.226 Y-2.491 R3.
G1 X56.393 Y-2.805
G2 X56.229 Y-2.818 R3.
G1 X53.379 Y-2.976
G2 X53.213 Y-2.98 R3.
G1 X50.354
G2 X50.188 Y-2.976 R3.
G1 X47.339 Y-2.818
G2 X47.174 Y-2.805 R3.
G1 X44.341 Y-2.491
G2 X44.177 Y-2.468 R3.
G1 X41.362 Y-1.999
G2 X41.2 Y-1.967 R3.
G1 X38.415 Y-1.343
G2 X38.255 Y-1.302 R3.
G1 X35.509 Y-0.526
G2 X35.351 Y-0.476 R3.
G1 X32.652 Y0.451
G2 X32.497 Y0.508 R3.
G1 X29.853 Y1.582
G2 X29.702 Y1.649 R3.
G1 X27.122 Y2.866
G2 X26.975 Y2.941 R3.
G1 X24.464 Y4.299
G2 X24.321 Y4.382 R3.
G1 X21.889 Y5.876
G2 X21.751 Y5.967 R3.
G1 X19.406 Y7.593
G2 X19.273 Y7.691 R3.
G1 X17.02 Y9.444
G2 X16.893 Y9.549 R3.
G1 X14.741 Y11.423
G2 X14.62 Y11.535 R3.
G1 X12.576 Y13.523
G2 X12.461 Y13.641 R3.
G1 X10.526 Y15.743
G2 X10.418 Y15.867 R3.
G1 X8.603 Y18.07
G2 X8.502 Y18.201 R3.
G1 X6.812 Y20.5
G2 X6.717 Y20.636 R3.
G1 X5.156 Y23.026
G2 X5.07 Y23.167 R3.
G1 X3.644 Y25.636
G2 X3.565 Y25.782 R3.
G1 X2.275 Y28.332
G2 X2.204 Y28.481 R3.
G1 X1.06 Y31.091
G2 X0.997 Y31.244 R3.
G1 X-0.004 Y33.918
G2 X-0.057 Y34.074 R3.
G1 X-0.909 Y36.798
G2 X-0.954 Y36.957 R3.
G1 X-1.655 Y39.723
G2 X-1.691 Y39.884 R3.
G1 X-2.238 Y42.685
G2 X-2.265 Y42.848 R3.
G1 X-2.657 Y45.672
G2 X-2.675 Y45.837 R3.
G1 X-2.911 Y48.686
G2 X-2.92 Y48.851 R3.
G1 X-2.989 Y51.339
   X-2.999 Y51.701
G2 X-2.999 Y51.866 R3.
G1 X-2.92 Y54.716
G2 X-2.911 Y54.881 R3.
G1 X-2.675 Y57.731
G2 X-2.657 Y57.895 R3.
G1 X-2.374 Y59.937
G0 Z10.

General Mach Discussion / Can't move z axis z- direction
« on: January 18, 2014, 09:48:35 AM »
My machine worked perfectly a few days ago, but now I'm unable to move the z axis in negative direction, I've tried turning off safe limits, is there anything in the software which could be stopping an axis move in a direction?

General Mach Discussion / GCode problem
« on: January 15, 2014, 03:14:35 PM »
Can anyone see where I am going wrong with this Gcode generated with Solidcam. It should simply milling two circles of just over 100mm each with a 6mm cutter, but when I try to load the Gcode I get a warning about soft limits. I can jog past the area where the material is so I'm not sure what the issue is. Can you see what I've done wrong??

Code: [Select]
( MCV-OP ) (15-JAN-2014)
(SUBROUTINES: O2 .. O0)         
G90 G17
G80 G49 G40
G91 G28 Z0
N1 M6 T1
(TOOL -1- MILL DIA 6.0 R0. MM )
G90 G00 G40 G54
G43 H1 D31 G0 X123. Y59. Z50. S1000 M3
   X123. Y59. Z10.
G1 Z0. F33
   Y61. F100
G3 X121. Y59. R2.
G2 X121. Y59. I-62. J0.
G0 Z10.
G1 Z0. F33
   Y61. F100
G3 X251. Y59. R2.
G2 X251. Y59. I-62. J0.
G0 Z10.

Tangent Corner / Thread Milling cutters
« on: January 15, 2014, 10:00:38 AM »
Some really blonde questions coming. I'm thinking of having a go at cutting threads on my mach3 converted Bridgeport interact. Is it possible to use a normal threading (hand type) tap or do I have to use a thread mill? Assuming I can use a normal tap, can I use a std m10x 1.5mm tap to create an thread of m20x1.5mm?



General Mach Discussion / Squaring up a job
« on: January 08, 2014, 12:38:34 PM »
This was something I thought about while in the shower this morning.
Sometimes I find it quite hard to set a part up square on the bed before machining. Is there any option to do this:
Place a part on the bed, where it's not square on the X axis.
Use a probe or similar to calculate how off the part was over a measured distance.
From these measurements, calculate the angle of the part. (for example 45deg)
Enter this angle into Mach3, so if the gcode asked to move x +20 it would also move y +20  to calculate for the angle.
I know the calculated distance would not be 20 but you get the idea (hopefully) Did that make any sense?

hope so,



General Mach Discussion / Mixing Stepper motors with servo's
« on: January 08, 2014, 12:30:46 PM »
Hu Guys,
I'm not sure if this is possible (I think not), but I thought I would check first. I want to add a 4th axis to my machine, I'm currently using a CSMIO IP-A controlling 3 analogue servo drives. Could I add a stepper motor controller (parallel Port base) just to control the 4th axis???



CS-Lab / Probing with IP-A
« on: January 07, 2014, 04:03:32 PM »
I'm having problems probing with the ip-a. Has anyone done any probing with a cs lab product?

Tangent Corner / Cheap but sturdy 4th axis
« on: November 14, 2013, 08:22:12 AM »
I've been looking for a 4th axis for my Bridgeport interact for a while.  There are the  cheap Chinese ones on ebay, but nothing very substantial. Does anyone know where I can find a sturdy 4th axis, I have my own servo‚Äôs I can use with it.

Failing this, has anyone got any drawings of a 4th axis so I can try and make one.


General Mach Discussion / Mach3 and Mill wizard licence
« on: November 07, 2013, 11:46:54 AM »
Hi There, I'm just about to order my mach3 licence, does this include mill wizard also, or is it a seperate product?



General Mach Discussion / Probing plugins
« on: November 06, 2013, 12:02:26 PM »
Hi there, I've read quite a a few post abut probing, but none of the post of very recent, are there any probing plugins which work with the latest version of mach3? Intersted in touch probing or video probing. I have some 2.5D parts which I would like the replicate.



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