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I just received and set up a Taig CNC Mill, and because the laptop we are using for it has no printer port, we are using the suggested UC 100 controller driver adapter thing.  (I think that's the technical word)

I have everything showing up in Mach3 as it should, all the coordinate display and readout while attempting to jog, everything appears correct.  The only thing that appears to be stopping me is the port address.  I am almost certain this is where the break in communication occurs.

I can not ascertain the correct address to put into Mach3.  I have tried 0x387 as would be default for a parallel port.  When I pull up the UC100 USB Adapter in the Device Manager, it displays a line of jargon that looks like #Port.1000_Hub.2000 however that does not appear to be a format that is acceptable to Mach3, and when I copy/paste that in, it does not work.

I am unclear which pin numbers to assign to certain motions in the Config dialog, but I know for sure that I am clueless about the port address.

Has anyone been in similar shoes that might point me in the right direction?

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