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Ok heres a follow up of my issue so as to possibly help someone else chasing the same problem.
After doing some more playing around like re-installing drivers etc, I decided to make a late night (my time) call to Probotix and explained my issue. They were very helpful and ran through a couple of things for me to try.
When I first got my router up and running my e-stop switch wasn't working correctly and I had to fit a resistor across the terminals of the BOB to get the system to work.
After talking to the Probotix tech, it was suggested, amoung other things, to remove the resistor and see what happens.

Well my e-stop is working as it should now, so I'm a happy routerer again.
For some reason the PCI card wants to see a different voltage at terminal #15. Any way, I'm up and running again.
Thanks to all the people that have tried helping me with the problem.

General Mach Discussion / Re: 4th Axis on 3040 CNC
« on: February 27, 2014, 10:08:03 PM »
I don't have any experience of the Chinese routers, but I did build my system from scratch including my 4th axis. I remember dealing with similar issues as you are when I was trying to get my 4th axis running for the first time.
Try assigning a hotkey for the rotary axis and see if that works. You find the hotkey menu in the config tab.
I assigned the rotary axis to the - & + botton on my number pad of the key board. Not sure if the the MPG buttons work as I don't use them.

Ok, I've just inserted my new PCI card to the computer.
Assigned a new address for the card in Mach3.
Changed over all the port numbers in ports&pins to the new card.
Tested all the limit switches and tool zeroing plate and checked their operation in the diagnostic screen and they all worked ok.
Powered up each axis one at a time and tested all the motors. All motors worked fine, so I homed the machine. All ok.

So it looks like I had a fault with my mother boards parallel port, but I still have a problem and that is, I can't get the E stop to work.
I have changed the E stop over to the new card but can't get it to work. I've toggled the active setting and still no go.
Everything else simply changed over without issue, so why not the E stop??

I'm now using #2 port with an address of A400 and I have un-checked the port #1 box.

Can anyone shine some light on my problem ???

Ok that looks better :)
Dont see anything glaring wrong with it so thinking it is not the xml at fault.

Ok thanks for looking and I learnt where to find the xml in the process.

I did look in the back up folder and assumed that was the one. ::)
Do I have the correct one this time?

That is not the correct  xml as it has no config in it at all.

I've never had to use that type of file, so I simply looked for a file of that name in my Mach folder. I'll have another look around. If I open the xml file, what should I be able to see?

I tried a few more things today with absolutely no change.
Tried Sherline 1/2 pulse. No difference after restart so changed it back.
Played around with pin numbers but couldn't get anything to work.
Here is my XML file if anyone would be so kind to look at it.

Thanks for all the suggestions.
I have a PCI/parallel port card coming and maybe that will solve my issue.
Failing that I'll see if I can get my other comp to work.

I then ran the stepper without it being connected to the ball screw and found that jogging in the down direction the motor runs perfectly, but jogging in the up direction the motor jerks and moans and looses steps. Sometimes it even runs the wrong direction.

Assuming all electrical wiring is indeed correctly connected...
Try selecting Sherline 1/2 Pulse Mode, apply, then do a Mach3 restart and just see if that cures this issue.
If it does not then it could either be the Z axis direction pin is faulty on your LPT parallel port (or BoB) or the Z axis motor driver is faulty. You may be able to swap pin numbers for Z axis direction signal and rule out one possibility.


I didn't think I could swap pin numbers. I have pin #6 for Z step and #7 for Z direction. What pins would I be able to use other than these?
But bear in mind that the machine was running perfectly ok till I told it to drive through the job. Changing pins around seems to be an odd thing to do, but I guess it could help narrow down a possible faulty pin in the parallel port.

Ideally you'd want to isolate the fault before tearing down a system and PC, swapping steppers to alternate drivers, drivers to alternate break out board outputs and so on can allow you to identify the common component or connections present on the axis displaying faults.
Trying to solve an unidentified fault using untested parts is a recipe for an extended headache, it might just work first time though ;-)

 - Nick
I have 4x driver boards and 4 motors in my set up and I've swapped them all around and covered all combinations.
The only board I don't have a spare, is the BOB.
I have narrowed it down as much as I can to either the BOB or a problem with the parallel port.
I have just been given another PC with the correct ports, so I'll try that and see what I get.

Thanks for your thoughts Hood.
I've played around with Acc and Vel, going from one extreme to another and all points in between with no change.
I have looked at all my wiring terminals and came up empty handed.
There are IDE cables running between the BOB and driver boards. I have changed them all around, but still no change.
I've changed key boards over. No change.
I have the same result when jogging with the Mach3 pendant callout.

I have the hard drive out of the computer at the moment as I'm seeing if I can sustitute it to another PC. I'll post up the XML as soon as I can.

I was going to try fitting a PCI parallel port card to my PC and see if the mother boards port is at fault.
Do you think that would be worth a try? They are pretty cheap and if they work, then that may be a better way to go rather than replacing the mother board.
Unfortunatly we have a public holiday here this weekend, so all the shops will be shut. >:(

Thanks again.

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