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General Mach Discussion / How fast is your G00 Rapids?
« on: July 16, 2007, 03:17:53 AM »
Just wondering how fast others in the forums are getting thier machines to run at.  Mine only does 70ipm running Mach 3 at 25khz.  I have a 3.6G processor and can run Mach at 35khz, but the servo's are smoother during 3 axis contouring if I keep the Mach controller at 25khz.  I guess my mistake was the high resolution encoders.  I think I have more resolution using the 512 count encoder wheels than I would ever need.  Other than that, the servo's are geared 2:1 and the ballscrews are .100" IPT.  I was really hoping to get to 150ipm rapids.  I think that's pleanty fast for a open table bridgeport mill.  Any faster than that and I would think that a programming error could cause some serious damage, bodily as well as mechanically.


No clue how the enable works.  They didn't give me any real detailed information, just enough to supposedly get it running, and a baseline of tuning the motors.  It's a system from www.lowcostcncretrofits.com  http://www.lowcostcncretrofits.com/servo%20controllers.html  20 amp 3 axis controller and supposedly 1500 oz/in Pacific Scientific servo's.  My controller is a little diffrent from the one in the picture, it doesn't have the LED's on the front, but it does have a port for breaking out the 25 pin cable on the back.  I'll check the step and direction and see if I get anything. 


Hood, you were right, the parallel port was disabled.  I was able to go into BIOS and enable it, but I'm not sure if it's working properly.  I still don't get any movement, but the limit switch's work.  The servo's will power up if I hold the "engage" switch on the logitrol box, and fight to hold thier position if I try to move them.  This makes me think I have the encoders wired correctly......  I think.  Other than that, they don't seem to have power and I can't get them to move.  How can I make sure that the parallel port is working properly?


Brett, sent you an IM

03F8 is the usual address for the Com port, you want to find the address of the Lpt port. O378 will be the norm if its an onboard port but just check anyway.

That might be it.  When I go into device manager, I get "PORTS-(com & ltp)", but it only lists "com1" and "com2"  Would it be possible that the LTP for was never installed or actived on this computer?  I had this computer custom built about 6 months ago by a former co-worker which I have no way of contacting right now.  I had him build the computer to run the MACH 3 program because I was going to update a PC controller on another machine, and ended up using it now to build a second machine.  It was built from scratch using all new parts from "micro-center", but I know nothing about initializing drivers.  Can anyone throw me a clue?

3 axis bridgeport mill. 
Xstep pin 2
Xdir pin 3
ystep pin 4
ydir pin 5
zstep pin 6
zdir pin 7
The thing that bothers me the most is I can't get the limit switch's to work.  Should this be my first concern?  According to Logitrol, the limit switch's should be "daisey chained", or what i call wired in series, normally closed, and complete a circut between pins 22 and 10 until a switch is actived.  I'm under the impression that when you break the circut by opening one of the limit switch's, pin 10 goes from being grounded, back to pin 10 high?

General Mach Discussion / no movement, limits don't work, ????????
« on: May 16, 2007, 03:10:22 AM »
This is my second retrofit, first for using Mach 3.  I can't get anything to work even to get a baseline on getting this thing running.  I am using "lowcostretrofit" system from Logitrol with "pacific scientific" servo's.  I've tried wiring the encoders multilple ways, tried swithing the power leads, nothing.   I installed the mach 1 license file into the Mach3 folder, and the limit switch's don't work no matter what I do.  If I set the ports and pins to "low active pin 10" for emergency stop, I can reset the system no problem, but it doesn't matter if the limit switch's are hooked up or not.  I can even unplug the 25 pin cable, which is a straight through, I verified it with a VOM, and the system will reset.  I've tried looking up the COM1 port under device manager, it says the port is labeled 03F8-03FF, even if you set it to 0378, it doesn't work.   I'm not a computer expert, and I have no clue what to do next.  Any help will be appreciated.  I've been surfing the forums all day and all night reading about other's problems and solutions, and nothing seems to work for me.??????????  I fallowed the instructions from Logitrol down to a "T", loaded the software from thier CD included in the package, removed that and downloaded the software directly from www.artofcnc.ca     ???????????  If i use a VOM, I do measure 5V between pins 25 and 3........  Don't know what to do next........

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