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General Mach Discussion / Re: A question about homing
« on: January 10, 2020, 03:14:58 AM »
Yes but that's not possible .
The error ,if you 'de call it that ,occurs during the homing process .
One axis is homed  , the second one starts and then the first goes into limit . 
So the machine goes into e-stop before the sequence finishes .

If the error doesn't occur , wich most of the time it doesnt ,
I can easily jog off the switches and then I'm good .

So it should be something like

Home Z
Homing done ? 
G00 Z-0.5
Home Y
Homing done ?
G00 Y0.5
Home X
Homing done ? 

homing finished .

General Mach Discussion / A question about homing
« on: January 09, 2020, 01:59:10 PM »
When mach 3 homes an axis , it'll move  until it tripps the switch . 
And then it 'll back off until it trips again or untrips and calls that position home .

Is it possible to make mach3 back off a little further off the home switch .
Something like 0.5mm . 

I have installed magnetic switches and they work absolutely perfect .
But they're so sensitive that sometimes with the axis just backed off enough to untrip
the switch , it'll triiger it again after it's homed .
Fi assume the z axis homed , then it'll start homing on the Y axis .
Sometimes the movement of the homing Y axis will trip the Z axis switch again wich then acts as a
limit causing an E-stop . Backing off a little further would solve that


FAQs / Re: Laptop requirements with Mach 3
« on: July 06, 2018, 05:07:45 AM »
Laptop : HP Compaq NC6000 Pentium M
OS :  XP-SP3 .

Could not be  used , not even close , timing all over the place steppers buzzing and humming ...
I turned off everything I could think of , both in the bios and in the OS , no avail , altough I did
get some improvement .  

I was ready to give up and install a desktop , when  I found this thread .
Changed ACPI to std PC and like magic  :)
the system is now rock stable .
Big thanks for sharing this information , I would never have found it on my own .


Thx for all the replys guys .

I'll do as suggested .
Set it up , get it close , take a measurement .... 

BTW  I know I'm splitting hairs ,or even 1/4 or 1/8 of a hair :)
And indeed 1mm/2015 or 1mm/2016 ....

I'm waiting on some parts , and I'll do some test as soon as I get movement .
For now it's all theoretical , hence my question .


Yes I'm aware that I could round it , and that the error for a single mm will be so small
it can't even be measured .
And even if it could be measured , there  will be more error in my leadscrews then that .

But unlike the leadscrew error , the step error will repeat itself and accumulate for every unit of travel .
If I have 250mm of x-axis , that will be 0.25 step *250mm /2016 = 0.03mm .
And that can be measured , and for certain operations will be a problem .
Fi dowel pins .

Soi if there's a way around it I prefer to get the basics right .
I will make enough errors myself in operating it .
I don't need the machine to be wrong from the start  ;D


That would be awesome .

If I understand correctly  all I have to do is issue a g21 at the start of each session , and that will make
it read and work in mm until otherwise specified . 

Well worth trying .



Hello , a quick question .

I'm used to and would like to continue working in metric . So if I understand the manual correctly
I have to set the native units to mm .

My machine however  has  16tpi lead screws , coupled directly to the
steppers . Steppers are rotating nuts so I'm stuck with the 16 tpi and cannot change that . .

Setting to mm would mean I have 25.4/16 = 1.5875mm/rev .

Let's assume a 1/16 ustep driver and my steppers are std 200steps/rev .
That results in 2015.748031496063........ steps/unit .
Other ustep setting produce similar "impossible" figures .

I can't seem to find any setting of the ustep driver wich would produce an integer nr of steps / mm .

Not sure what to do here , suggestions appreciated .

Pat ( Belgium )

Bargain Basement / Rotating nut steppers
« on: October 29, 2016, 03:05:59 PM »

Hi Guy's , I have some rotating nut steppers for sale .
They have an integrated anti backlash nut
Thread is 1/4-16 R Acme , available at mcmasters for about 5$ a ft

For a small router , engraver , pcb drill etc

Rotating nuts have the advantage that the leadscrew can be fixed at both ends
wich makes the mechanical contruction a lot easier .

Can't get the acme rods in europe so I'm selling them .

2Amp / phase , can be wired bipolair or unipolair .

50$ -ish a piece , shipping cost for 3 pcs would be about 25$ , can ship worldwide .
I'm located in Belgium


email me if interested , P.carlier -at- pandora.be

General Mach Discussion / Looking for a 3 phase stepper dirver
« on: May 16, 2007, 02:45:33 AM »
Guys , I've got this nice set of stepping motors , wich i'd like to use on my mill .
The mill is an 1972 alcera 600 , wich will be fully rebuild prior to cnc converting .

Only they are three phase bipolar instead of the usual two phase bipolar .
I just can't seem to find an integrated driver for them . I'm not looking for a driver board .
I just need to find a chip that can do the logic , and possably micro stepping .
A bit like an L297 for a bipolar 2 phase motor .

On the back of the motor is written :
Sanyo electric stepping motor
Type 103-606-i
3phases /10 Ohms / 30VDC
PN 18460782

Any help appreciated .


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