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General Mach Discussion / VFD Parameter Definitions
« on: October 18, 2013, 10:40:47 AM »
A lot of people are posting the settings they are using in the Huanyang VFDs, but I would like a definition of a couple of them. I am reading the information in the manual, but I’m not an electrician and don’t really understand what I’m reading. In layman’s terms could some one please explain parameters PD071, 72 and 73?  I am trying to adjust my spindle speed from Mach to the VFD. I am bringing in 0-10v from the BOB to the VFD, but I am only really getting 8.65v at the top end. I was wondering if any of these settings could have an effect on the input voltage.
Any info would be appreciated.


General Mach Discussion / Output speed relative to input voltage
« on: October 17, 2013, 05:07:31 PM »

I am having a problem with a difference between programmed rpm and actual rpm
Does anybody know if the Huanyang VFDs have adjustment parameters to allow tuning of output speed relative to input voltage?

Any info would be appreciated.
Thanks, Jim

General Mach Discussion / Mach3 to VFD rpm difference
« on: October 16, 2013, 10:29:48 AM »
I am utilizing the 10 volts from my BOB to the VFD. If I control the speed from the VFD I can get the proper top speed of 24,000 rpm, but going thru Mach I can only get about 20,000. I know it’s going to be something simple, but I can’t find it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks, Jim

VB and the development of wizards / Tool Setting Script
« on: September 21, 2013, 11:01:39 PM »
I have found a number of 'simple' tool setting scripts, but I would like to have one that after Z initially touches the sensor, it retracts a small amount and contacts the sensor again a little slower. By doing this it is taking out any over run of the spindle. I would also like to know how difficult it would be to write in the script to have the Z offset display not only the height of the sensor, but also the retract amount. Lets say that I am using a sensor that is 1.00 tall and I have a retract amount of .25, I would like to see the Z offset read
Z 1.25.  Any input would be appreciated.
Thanks, Jim

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