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dspMC/IP Motion Controller / Re: DSPMC Mach3 integration issues
« on: March 16, 2014, 09:10:22 AM »
hello Freinds!

i have a CNC router Bulleri (ITALY) works with CC100 controller.

now, i think how to use MACH3 to control it.
The machine has Bosch SM 10/20 servo drives that controlled with analouge input +-0-10v.

the control input i found in the elec.  layout is SW+ and SW- used to control the driver.

so can i use the DSPMC to control the axes only by connecting the SW+ and SW- ?? or i need to connect all the encoders and the tachometers ect....??? to the DSPMC.

also please let me know  any supplies for the DSPMC controllers.(kinds, IO's , Voltages...)

i want to to start now with the axes motion and later to use the I/O to control the machine functions

thank you in advanced.

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