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General Mach Discussion / Re: keyboard shortcut
« on: November 26, 2015, 01:02:03 PM »
Hello Hood and friends,
I use an external buttons to feed hold and Start cycle in mach 3.

Sometimes, when i press the feed hold button to stop motion and press again start cycle it seem that the machine lost the position and goes out of programmed path. 

I dont remember my mach 3 version.
Can you advice a reliable version that i can replace??

Mach Screens / Re: FRO Slider
« on: June 26, 2015, 12:13:02 PM »
Hello friends
I want to cutomize my FRO slider to 120%..
I saw in the format like:
I changed the H200 to 120 but when i turned the analoge FRO knop the slider goes more about 150% and also the green bar covered the numbers..
Is their any problem regarding the lenght os the slider ??
Please let me know howto set up the slider.

CS-Lab / Re: Csmio/IP-A drives
« on: June 08, 2015, 10:48:27 AM »
Hello Hood;
i tried to activate the "Home index" in the CSMIO-A but every time i got an error like"index home not found....."(i dont  remember exactly the the syntax". when i send the machine for homing.

what could be the problem???
is setting thr PPR for the encoder from all the edges  (i.e. 500X4) important for the "home index" only??.

or i should to set it correctlly anyway even if i dont activate the "home index"???

please let me know!!.

CS-Lab / Re: 500L Encoders, should I upgrade???
« on: June 08, 2015, 02:29:33 AM »
hello freinds'
i just started to check my retrofitting using CS-lab CSMIO-A.

really, i brought the machine running in 3 axes with a good time response from the Keyboard pressing button.

my problem now is that i am not sure if the PID is tunes properly , or the axes and motors StepPer is OK.

when i started to run, sometimes i got not correct mesurment about 1-1.5 mm  diffrence in X axes and Yaxes.

i checked with dial gauge the movments and then i scaled the "Step Per" ,but it seem that the diviation is vary according to movment.

my first check show that there is no mechanical backlash in the machine.

so i dont know if an unproper PID tuning in the PlugIns cause this problem.

is this diviation in the measurments came because of large Following error or high speed moving?
by the way, the maximum speed of the machine is 8000mm/min even the machine could run faster but i tried now slower to see were is the problem.

pleaese advice'

General Mach Discussion / Re: XML restore
« on: May 31, 2015, 06:40:57 AM »
Hello freinds;

i want to know how i can make a general back up of my Mach3.

i need to reinstall my mach3 due to a problem in the regen. toolpath function.

the most imprtant for me is the Macros , Subroutines , Pin I/O config. Motors... and Plug ins.
how to restore again??


General Mach Discussion / Re: Toggle output from button input?
« on: May 27, 2015, 08:05:46 AM »
Dear Tomas,
thank you for the answer.

by the way i know this solution but the problem that i have no more Outputs to use!

i ask if there is any logic condition or to wirte a macro for this.

please let me know!

General Mach Discussion / Re: Toggle output from button input?
« on: May 27, 2015, 02:55:05 AM »
hello hood,
as you know all Digital outputs are turned off as soon as  E-stop or Emergency Button or limit Switch is trigged.

i have 2 horizontal Routers that travill Up/Down by a Penumatic Piston controlled by 2 Digital outputs.
and if they were in working in and i press the e stop or any Limit Switch been trigged the piston will go up and damage the Wooden workPiece or breake the tool.

so how i can avoid this problem that these digital outputs not turned off if the E-Stop is trigged or any emergency button is pressed??
please let me know!


Hello Andmar,
Thank you for the reply,
I have another Question regarding the MacroPump.

If I have a an endless loop that could be "Broken"
By any logic condition such as input trig, button pressed... And after the loop I have some more vb code like calling function s or subs or any simple vb code.
What happen in this case?
Is the macropump still wait until the loop is broken??

--------macro pump-------
Sub main ()

Code -------
Code ---------
If isactive(input17) them
Wend. ,end of loop

And now in the same macro pump I have

Code ----

End sub
The question is the vb codes after the loop are executed even before the loop if finished??

Please let me know!

Hello friends ,
Maybe you don't understand me well.

I want at the end to run a macro with an external button (not a button on the screen)
What you explain here is how to activate an output by a screen button.

Please let me know!

Hello Hood,
I want to know how I can use an external button to toggle an  UserOEMLED.

I have used all the "named  inputs" in mach3 and I want to use.

I want that when I press a physical button in control panel at input #17 to activate he led.

Please let me know!

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