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Thanks rob, I just need something that is reliable lol, I have a csmio yet I have little work with it so I am unsure of its abilities. I hooked up the csmio and it runs the drives great, but other than that...haven't done much...

Thanks guys, so Robert, I have a csmio ipa I have worked wity, haven't finished that project yet lol.

I was thinking of getting a hicon motion controller, or dspmc, any info on this control?

I'll probably ditch the ess for the lathe then...I spent so much time lol

So do you think the issue is the ess? Or mach 3?

Can I upgrade to mach4 easily?

Well it's funny that you mention that. Cuz I noticed that the first pass would be at 45 rpm, second is like 250 rpm and the final pass is 500 ish rpm.

Yes the other lathe was lpt, not ess.

Will changing to mach4 help these issues? Or maybe a different controller I'm thinking?

I was thinking the csmio or hi con if the ess can't do the spindle right. Maybe kflop?

I really need the commanded spindle to match and try to keep the speed, especially for heavy cuts.

Any thoughts?

So it's still not workint, any ideas guys? ;)

That's weird because the lathe we worked on tp did work, but didn't thread lol.

it will adjust the read speed but it will still not fight to keep the spindle at commanded position, Im gonna try a tip from Tweakie.cnc then check back with ya :)

I did choose a pulley = 1 and then i put 0 min speed and 6000 max speed, still doesnt work :(

Thank you for the link, I tried that and that but it still does not attempt to correct the speed for commanded... :|

Thanks tho! :)

Hello everyone!

I love this forum!

I am almost complete with my CHNC4 to mach 3 conversion, however I am having an issue, the spindle speed is not trying to correct to the commanded spindle speed position.

Here is a quick video.


Any help guys?

I have an Ethernet Smooth Stepper with a c23 board. I can change the spindle speed manual with the speed box, but it will not try to correct to the commanded speed.


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