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aha = thanks
so the brake on a z axis is only used for when the machine is switched off,
for example if you had the z at its upper most position on a large machine and then switched off the power to it, the weight of the spindle and big heavy motor would pull the axis down so it would slam into the lower end stop!!
= get it.
thank you.

by the way, I wonder if you wouldn't mind trawling through that minas A4 catalougue - as it appears that you can simply fire in 5v step and direction into the drives = surely it cannot be that simple?

oh p.s. do you happen to know at what wattage the isel fb2's run/ran at?

hello, in a panasonic minas a4 servo motor and drive combo, should I use a braked motor for the z axis, if so am I supposed? to use a braked motor on the z - axis
that said, does the driver control the unlocking of the brake automatically, or does mach need to send a signal 'enable' to unlock it.
or 'if you like' can you run braked motors on all three axis for holding? - are you supposed to do that?

thank you

aahhhh i see now the difference in the encoder
1. hall
2 resolver
3. absolute

groovy, so the hall effect is good enough
resolver is better that hall
absolute trumps both.
so I take it the driver/amplifier is paired to the encoder/commutator i.e. you can't run absolute in a hall drive.
so you do have to be wary mixing and matching motors and drives - hmmmmm

please check my homework

so I am after



which equates to a panasonic 200w minas A4S system

nema 23 sized 60mm motors at 91 volts and 7.5 amps, no brakes 1/2 inch shafts
240v drivers with 5v inputs for
pulse / cw  = step +
step+= pin 3 or 44
step - = pin 4 or 45
ccw = direction
dir + = pin 5 or 46
dir - = pin 6 or 47

don't need a 24v signal with the A4S?

do you need to set up the stops at 24v and thell the driver, or simply leave it 5v and let the bob and mach take care of it.

I can't seem to fathom the difference with an A4A and A4S - as the A4S is NO analouge, but it appears that the A4A can take both analouge and pulse train
so can I widen my searh and simply go for the A4A or is it better to stay with the 003 A4S's
/\ as long as I don't go for a 'P' = positioning only!!! - hmm thats why they are so much cheaper!!!!!

thank you

damn that isn't even the correct data sheeeeets link - its this one.
i am glad I didn't just bid on eighteen motors with incorrect last 3 didgit specs and about ten drivs that didn't have the 003 on the end.......

so stay with dc 48-60v

buy 3
amc  BE12A6E X04
copley 503

yes I think its wise me swerving the whole idea.
mostly coz its too expensive .............

is there a comprehensive list of servo motors and drives that use step and direction instead of 10v signalling

can you mix and match servo drives and motors

hello servo motors for complete idiots please.
for example
I would gather that that is a nema 23 sized motor = physically?
56mm wide foot about the same in length
I don't understand the 120 volt input???
does that mean its 120 volts to the drive, and the feed to the motors steps down to 24 or 36 volts
a mere 1.5 amps?

my basic understanding is you have a hall sensor spinning on the back of the motor that simply talks to the drive doing on the spot
positioning and correcting - does it then do power demands too?

i take it this is not a servo drive?
even though its 5 phases?

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