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Ok Mr. Hood,
I get it, the board out puts step and direction still at 5v
the 24v aspect is merely for 24v limit switching for people experiencing interferance when using the computers 5v for limit switching
I don't have spindle control, so I would only guess that you need a 10v analougue signal for spindle control, that yoiu can't then do at 5v computer.
plus i suppose the e-stop would benefit from not being fed 5v from the pc too and  favor 24v.

oh bugger, back to the starting board then, why oh why do they picture the panasonic minas system then and say its ok for servo drives, when they need 12-24v

is it something to do with 800 khz over the 200 of the earlier usb break out boards.
Thank you for your time

-its deffo not a network connection  - i think that plug must be for a hand wheely thing

oh,I see so it means it isolates the computers external port and the input on the card at 5v usb
-the usb connection cannot be 24v
it optoisolates them, but they are still output at 5v, the breakout board uses its own power at 24v
to run everything else - step and direction is 24v
limit switches 24v
so in theory it could be alright for servo drives wanting 24v pulse train step and direction.
so if I have 200 watt servo drives with 70 - odd volts up the wires @ 2 amps
I am going to have 24 volts in the limit switching - do I then have to up the guage of the wireing of the limit switches to 1.5mm core, or is .5mm core wire ok @ 24v

PLUS is the cabling on a 200 watt 71volt  2 amp motor to servo drive 2.5mm or can oit be 1.5 = do I have to still sheild the wires with and use cy cable.

I think I am ok with the servo malarky, the only thing that is bothering me now is I suppose the most critical - and at first I poverlooked it completely
but they list them as high inertia - medium inertia and low
/\ I don't get that....... I just want to servo up my little 2 foot bed machine
the good thing is the panasonic minas a4 @ 200w has a motor bolt pitch circle 'on the diagonals at 70mm - the nema 23 is 68 - so not too far off
why is the stator so fat though at 11mm over 6mm or even 8mm.
can I lop a bit from the motor shaft length or does this effect the balance.......
/\ sorry

is the very idea of running servos you need not sheild the wires and that the drives have a battery in them so even when you switch the machine off, it still hold homing information ?

they don't run at the full voltage all the time do they? - the voltage listed on them is simply the max? - so If it needs the max volts IT can IF it needs to pull it?

is the whole idea about servo motors and drives - the hall positioning will only work at 24 volts 'well''

apologies - just trying to get meheed around it.

is 200w too much foor a littl emachine?

what i sthe I/O ?

ddoes it mean this
Use  external 12V-24V DC power supply to isolate USB and external  port,
usb in @ 5v and external port - 3 axis step and direction?
everything else is 24v?
i still don't get it
can a tb6600 chip function with 24v inputs?
i mean what on the card needs 24 volts?
home switches?
spindle function?

looks like it only cam out three weeks ago.......................

my mistake, it doesn't say anywhere that the step and direction - pulse train is 24 volts - but it must be???


does that mean if its set to 24 volts for step and direction signals to servo drives, you can connect it network rather than usb

I can't understand it. Is it either or - I mean if you have one with powered 24volts and not powered by the 5v from the usb, do you then connect it network?
or do you still need to send it usb

so I simply need one of these a 24 volt power supply, can it be a little thing on a plug? - network address, panasonic minas a4 200w - 70mm pcd - 11mm shaft

you don't get a 24v power option in a pc power supply do you? i.e. hide this card in the bottom of the computer tower?
wireless network

run a servo stystem

can I connect 3 fans in series 12 v 12 v 12v and feed them with a 36 volt switching powers upply?

also can I affix said 60mm by 60mm by 28mm server fans directly to the heat sink of my mini tb6600 drivers

I have breifly connected the fans up and they do 'work' i.e. they spin, but will they last?
the fans are 12v and .6amps

also will the motor interfere with the driver chip if its directly fitted to the driver or at least touching it

also i am 3 axis - the power supply is 36 volts and 9.7amps, the three outlets each go to x , y and z
I plan on connecting the fans to the z axis's terminals - is that correct?
the drives will be given 2.5 amps each if that makes any difference.....

IF YOU LIKE I plan on fitting the fans direct to the case sides and milling  vents into the sides 'like a server' then placing the drives to the fans and blowing out the heat.

do you need a picture?

also, i am running 7 core 1.5mm cy cables, 4 for motors 1 for a groundy type thing, my concern is - is 1.5mm cored cable too heavy for a limit micro switch.
on my other machine the cables for the switches are thinner and don't run in the main cables, they are 1.5mm core with the ground in them and the switch cables are real thin, as its going to be a plasma - i wanted them inside with the motor wires i think?

and lastly - ferrite rings on the mains wires before the psu, asm I correct in thinking I wrap the live and neutral around 2 ferrite rings and the earth has its own one, do I need to loop the wires around once or twice?

General Mach Discussion / Re: Assistance needed $$
« on: October 03, 2014, 07:47:24 PM »
dirty image
i.e. IF you are scanning or tracing something, = needs to be line art
even in line art you will get lttle spots that are scanned/traced.
you need to clean up the image

select image
arrange convert to curves
arrange - break curve apart
view -wireframe
click on outline objects wanted - then drag away
go back to where it was and select the empty page and you will select tiny bits and bobs that IF sent to sheetcam will be smaller than the bit or plasma tip diameter, so cannot be preocessed - sheetcam error
also what happens is when you trace you sometimes duplicate the object, so you delete it to make sure it isnt there twice - then simply go back, if it deletes

also you should try putting a hairline outline on the selected object with rounded corners ticked in outline pen - it will smoothen the object
- then convert outline to object
then break curve apart -
zoom in and delete the original and the inner outline - i do this anyway with a 1/8th bit and actually have rounded corners instead of 90's to send

then export the object as hpgl rather than dxf

pen 1 layer 1

its 16mm with 5mm pitch
going to run 1/16 micro steps
5mm pitch so 640 steps per in mach3
nema 23 4 wire - so series
36 volts 2.5 amps '56mm long motors'
am I going to get the speed required?
will it stall out at 1/16 640 if I turn the speed up

I have bought another isel machine with 100mm travel on the z axis. <ballscrew beneath in the centre for x axis
IF my rapid is 10mm 3/8ths
IF my max material to cut is 5mm
DO I simply set my material supports at 85mm
IS 75mm 3 inches of water sufficient

or in real terms, can I simply bolt in 100 80-85mm bolts into the beds t-slot 'bed-of-nails stylee' and fashion the tank sides straight to the base too.

furthermore, IF I plan on only cutting 4 and 5mm steel plate, does this warp upon being cut enough to warrant THC?

/\ especially as the sheets will only be 500mm square= max

also can you reassur me that I do in fact want a pilot arc machine torch - a p-80 panasonic affair, as I have just received one.
min nozzle is 1.1mm = what ampers plasma cutter do I need, and thus what 'silent/quiet' compressor will suffice cfm wise.

and lastly, please would you be so kind as to explain sheetcam post processing with regards pilot arc ignition and the downward motion for gouguing / peircing - is this set in sheetcam, I think I am confused as to the 4 pin connector on a pilot arc plasma machine as one pair = switch on, the other two = pilot arc.

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