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General Mach Discussion / whats with the mini vfd's currently for sale?
« on: September 21, 2015, 03:58:36 PM »
are they the same internal giblets as the earlier things simply packaged tighter?

I think I am wanting a water cooled .8kw spindle = 65mm 4 bearing
 and mini vfd
vfd's state .75kw and not .8kw

is that correct?

I don't want more than 1hp and that's what it is...
says its 2 amps?

next jump at say 1.5kw is 2 hp and pulls 7 amps


just want to be able to switch it on and it be quieter than my mains fed router.

General Mach Discussion / pulse output capabilities ess
« on: August 26, 2015, 03:08:15 PM »

erm the Ethernet version says cw and ccw - the usb version says no

do them servo drive doofers want cw and ccw pulse output signalling

anyplops, I have 'finally' bought some sevo motors that match my drives - Panasonic minas a4 @ 200w
maddt1207 and the matching motors

so am I correct in thinking I am buying an ess for mach 4

just been having a read up, my mach 3 is working on windows 10

does that mean mach 4 and ess will work too.
I buy the ess for mach 4 - what else do I need, does the ess plug into something else and then to the drives
thank you

Hello please, I have had it working, I have cut something today.
whats the interrupt all about?

anyway, the x axis limit switch used to work, now it does still switch, turns the led on and off on the breakout board - usb leafbox 200 hz xulifeng  thing

but it doesn't bounce back = stays in the emergency stop mode if you like on homing, I then have to switch it all off and pull the axis away from the switch to get going again.

do I adjust the switch mechanically - or is there a setting I can alter

I did have to set the kernel speed to 45000hz to get ot going, as its didn't like 25000 - just wiggled about a bit.

any suggestions? - move the switch forwards?


might I be so bold as to ask for
1. a picture of said item
2. price of said item
3. spec of said item
4. link to download page of plug-in of said item


ok so page 98............
yokogowa electric?
usb feed from computer at 5v
5v power supply for pulse train  out put - that to me means step and direction?
cw + from plc/breakout boardto pin 4
cw minus to pin 3
ccw plus to pin 6
ccw - to pin 5
- 5v opto isolated from 24 v
then using a 24 volt power supply, into a 24 volt breakout board go
e stop pin 7
limit switches

is it that simple?

24 v power supply to breakout board

Hello Again Mr. Hood,
I has just dawned on me why there isn't so much servo talk here on machsupport - Is it simply due to servo systems being 220volt, and in the \u\sa its 110v - so If you like its 'LIKE' them 'LIKE running 3 phase 415?

hmmm, no wonder there is very little info to glean,
Thank yoiu

p.s. its information 'like' do I need to run limit switching with a servo system that has positioning encoders?
do 'most' of them have programmable limits - simply set the table size if you like, similar to sheetcam.

those who wait...........
blam, that is almost £53 quid each -delivered!!!

prAy tell Mr .Hood I have the choise of purchasing the motors with two differing encoders
P- incremental pulse counts = 2500P/r  resolution 10000 - wires 5
S Absolute -pulse counts =  17 bit - resolution 131072 - wires 7

do I simply get the higher resolutoin. -do I need to be running mach4 with a ethernet 100mbps connection
are there any network mach 3 break out baords with gigabit network 1000 whatsname speed

Mach4 General Discussion / so the ess and 4 work?
« on: January 02, 2015, 07:05:32 PM »
what is foxing me is there doesn't seem to be a pin out step and dir +/- diagram for the ess, does that mean I simply 'have' to use


does that also mean that the limit switches are on the controller and not the ess, so its impossible without, not knocking it am just unfamiliar with it

I 'suppose' I do like the fact that its all together on the one board with a single power input for motors

are the chips similar to a tb6600?

does it want a 5v feed and the motor feed @ 36v

are the connectors to the right for limit switches

why then is it not bundled with the ess?

I don't need spindle controll or anything bar limits

are they making a single output 36 volt 10 amp psu - ar a psu that has both 5v and 36 v capability


I have loads of server  5v psu's - the little ones, and loads of fans 5v

so I suppose all you need is the ess, that driver board a little 5v power unit and a 36v 10 psu in the box = box can be ereal small = like that.

also whilst on, I take it a cat5 cable simply can't supply the 5v for it and the limit switches?

aha, think i have it
the  encoder feed from the motors to the drive is 24 volts - thats the confusing part?
step and direction pulse train is always 5 volts
driver sends upto 90 volts to the drive side of the motors.

break out board wants 24 volts to stabilise limit switches - spindle control - e-stop, this is opto isolated sheilded  away from the 5v
usb feed from the pc to the input on the drive, thus making it a cleaner signal? so you don't get any noise from the limits - e-stop - spindle interfering with the stepp and direction for the drive .............ahhhhhhhhhhh

so i need 3 motors - some wire, 3 drivers, one of them bobs, a 24v psu.
3 motor mounts with a 70mm pcd, some couplers 11mm to 1/4''
why am I doing this?
can I send you a drawing and you mill me some mountings £ price please

I am thinking I can 'almost' have a laminated 3 times 15mm plate alloy affair = 45mm motor mount

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