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pics of motors and controller

also what is the total cost involved in mach 4
how much is the software
how much is a controller
3 axis will do

so my mach3 license works still as does my sheet cam tng
now, is there a new button i see in sheetcam that auto opens mach3 with the part i have just post processed?
cant seem to get it to do it?
also have a

relay thing
the spindle itcontrolls is only 24v
so does it want a 5v signal from the breakout controllery thing through this relay
do i run th estop through it
and do i set it up as it was stock for a door switch

dont know how to do the spindle control yes as havnt done that before
motors bought
mach3 set up and sheet cam - remembered how to get a 2d file into that and into mach

pray tell, i want to model prismatic lettering and mill it in a hdu type of stuff to then take a mould from as=nd cast them in resin and led back light them
what 3d cam software should i be looking at?

Reading between the lines
I am reckoning that all servo motors are 10 core 5 phase motors, 500 pulse, maybe, I had a set of minas a4 and they did have the 60mm bolt space, anyhoo. There were some 41mm long 8 wire NEMA 23s on that popular auction site for 7 bucks each free post. So I shall run them bipolar parallel. Cheap. I have some drivers, easy.

hello please - been off grid for a fair few years.....
just bought a little machine \/ see pic some german tiny 280mm square thang
the bloody thing has 5 phase 10 wire motors - damn
do they go straight in the bin?
the drivers and controllers 1997 ish - rs232 straight in the bin?

had an old nema 23 hanging about and the bolt pattern is just a bit too small

47mm nema 23 - the machine has positec vdrm 564/50 lna at  60mm bolt spacing
do i simply slot the cheapo nema 23 motors

am i going for 56mm nema 23's with 8 wires and going bi polar parrallel?

anyone in the uk got any little dual shafted little 8 wire nema 23's x3
6mm to 6.35mm blums to do aswell =

bloody thing
nice quality

got one of them network nvem controller break out things, are they worth the hassle

the machine has a 24 volt spindle in it already and a group of relay type things for door open and emergency stop and that but I just need emergency stop and spindle control?


General Mach Discussion / Re: Vcarving to Letter Cutout
« on: December 15, 2015, 10:09:29 AM »
have you tried exporting your files as
PLT HPGL plotter files ?

have a play,
when the HPGL export dialogue box opens opens
2nd tab 'PEN select pen 1 black
in the 3rd tab 'advanced'
make sure the curve resolution is ZERO
IF you can see the nodes in vectric, have a play with the curve resolution,
 as it will ADD nodes if you do not enter zero!!! and do the jerky jerk

General Mach Discussion / Re: laser cutting NOVICE/ROOKIE question
« on: December 07, 2015, 04:13:22 AM »
has to be run like a plasma table, on off laser - plus corner looping and lead in and out = I suppose...
 BUT have a means of z axis movement, to cut thicker materials
=don't think it exists.
I.e. a mill will leave the spindle on when doing rapids etc.
a plasma setting won't move the z - axis.
tis probably why none have cut thick acrylic with low powered lasers.

so, corel/illustrator = sheetcam for laser with plasma type laser firing, but with a bed raise between passes, loop corners and lead in.

so a specific g-code generating version for 2d laser with bed raiser
with just the one pair of connections to the breakout board for laser on / off
maybe another to adjust the power setting

It does beg the question then.... IF for example a 10w laser could cut at 2mm,
5 passes............

General Mach Discussion / Re: laser cutting NOVICE/ROOKIE question
« on: December 06, 2015, 06:17:30 AM »
I think it does in fact run nema 17 motors,
I will simply fit a new psu, drivers and bob - usb. 24volt

It also appears that sheetcam can be configured as a laser cutter with a buy on add on.
This way, I get looped corners me thinks and lead ins and the like
 however I don't think it has the option to do multiple passes, -I.E. raise the bed

General Mach Discussion / laser cutting NOVICE/ROOKIE question
« on: December 05, 2015, 09:06:27 AM »
I think I am going to buy an old a2, 420 by 600 or 2' by 1.5' laser cutter.
Its an older model, so wish to do the mach 3 conversion to it.
This particular machine has a moving bed.
it is a RF air cooled machine rather than a glass tube water cooled unit.
The first question is.......
I 'think' its a mere 30w laser, the purpose of its purchase is to cut up to 10mm acrylic,
can I not simply 'using sheetcam tng' set the machine to cut in two or more passes?
I.e. set sheetcam to raise the bed on the second and third pass?
seems too simple..................................................
-simply guessing the power can only cut into the material 3-4mm or 1/4 inch at a time,
does it need to blow the dross out the other side? I think it has air assist.
do they actually vaporize the material?

I gather all the smaller lasers machines use nema 17's? - so I stay 24 volts?

last question is, I don't think I am overly concerned of the machines speed,
so - do I need worry too much about laser on/off - How is this actually controlled

Thanks in advance

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