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12v out
input pin x axis ++ -- limit

i can take the 12v  and the ground on the controller step that down to 5v and use the ground for the returning 5v to ground

the ground pin can be used for both 12v and 5v was confusing me
-or it isnt possible?

I am a novice

so there is no ground for it as its used to step the 12 volts down to 5


so it is impossible


2 wire limit switches
keep it simple

overtravel 10mm for soft limits


thinking about it, i crashed my last machine a lot on soft limits - not having any travel after the switch

rookie mistake I hasten to make again

i have six of them 2 on each axis
can i get one of these

12v in red to 12v on nvem breakout board, black to ground

5v 3a out
yellow to pin 1 vcc on all 6  sensors
black to ground on all six sensors

then simply take vcc out
x axis x++ and x--
y axis y++ and y--
z axis z++ and y--

in mach have the same pin for both switches on the same axis
send it to home whichever way

its all a bit nice and stock with them
its a lovely machine, i have already bodged the motors on....


not worth the risk?

pardon my ignorance, but i dont undestand 10v in and 28v out

my only output on my breakout controller for limits switches is 12v
these will not work
just cobble in some micro switches

my 25 year old little mill uses them in a stock set up
i just don't know how to wire them
i think i get it now
12v one side
ground the other
middle wire-once tripped to mach 3
i still dont get if both limit switches on the same axis go to one input
due to if one is tripped the other one cannot be

homing direction
just use a limit switches and not home switches
or use them as home switches?

General Mach Discussion / plasma table time
« on: February 06, 2023, 05:33:56 PM »
got some linear slidey doofers

want a little plasma table

first question, the linear sliders are solid round
the lengths are 700-800mm
is that ok for a tiddly plasma table?
i have another one as the loose one in the pic
the plan is to widen the lower twin rails parts
to utilise the length of the y axis
then chop down the other one for a z
what length do i chop it too, do i need more than 50mm travel for a plasma?

any one near west london fancy doing some machining

oh - so
the light beam is constantly on when not home.
12v + and ground

when the beam is cut

the input gets triggered
set mach to active high

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