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is this correct, all the places i have look have the 4 colours wires whith the white stripes

hello there,
right I have gotten some
nema 23's 3.1nm
and some cw5045
400 watt psu at 38v

typically the foot on the new motors is 5mm thicker, so I have ordered some m5's 5mm longer.
the motors are 10mm longer, so the holes in the cans don't line up, so I have to move the earth.
and the shafts are 8mm now and not 6 or 6.35 so i need some new couplings.
also need some 8mm twisty wheels, where do i get them from, can I use toothen pulleys?
want to keep the sheilded original wireing and the connectors and cans.....

anyways the new motors are 8 wire, and I need t know how to wire thembipolar parallel
this is what i have colour wise
could you simply tell me how to pair them please, and then what they become...


OH, I get it now - thats why the ebay motor drive kits are cheap, as they are 4 wire, so the motor spins up and wants more juice - but can't get it so stalls out...
right - on with the search

still don't quite understand 180Nmc

Ahh, great, so 8 wire it is, wired parralel or series = uni/bi polar dependant upon current draw verses something else....
 I simply want to fit new motors into these housings and use the original wireing as its tidy with plugs and earths and has the limit stop wires in it all if you like run the machine stock?
this was foxing me \/

someone has replaced the x-axis motor
with a 6 wire motor, i think so as its a later style square one, anyway I just want to buy some new motors as they all feel a bit tired
but I am stumped as i need the same length 76mm, with the wheels - i don't have.

the last thing that is foxing me is the weight....... I think there are 2 options?

I just want to buy some stuff....... ;D

but I suppose I match the drives to the motors

annyways, while I am, on... I have been on that utoob for hours and hours, more questions

1. when is mach4 due for release
2. I can then go and buy a windows8 tablet
3. I can then go and buy a LAN B.O.B

so i know i need a nema 23
76mm length
1/4'' output shaft not 6mm
'b' designation = through shaft for wheels

now what
how many wires?
do i need 4 or 8

the original old round isel techno FB2 round motors are 8, but pair into the connector - does it matter for mach3 what i use?

erm the limit stops are built into the ganrty, they have two wires out but 3 into the switch, how many for mach3, do i just need to have 2 straight to the switch
as i have the relay thing missing on one of them

where do i get the little wheels from?

General Mach Discussion / Re: noob wants a 3040, what is the best
« on: June 08, 2013, 07:37:13 AM »
Hello all
-ok, what I think I have is a Isel Techno - FB2
when purchased one of the motors wasn't connected, i think that was the problem.
now, these machines - I wonder if you can help...
1. I think I need 78mm nema 23 motors? - WITH the hand wheels? = still unsure on spec.
what shall I buy? there are the original old round motors  - should I replace all 3?

2. what controllers should I buy considering the motors?
3. I really want usb, so what bob
power supply

I think I shall fit all the electronics in the amc case and have all the wires to the motors on the one plug?

can I still use that front panel for jogging?

DO these isel techno's have axis limits built into the gantry and x axis, as there appears to be two connectors thatconnect at the motor mount?
I have not checked the machine yet, but it would seem so
when bought, there were external limiting stuff on it, should I revert to the oringinal style

General Mach Discussion / Re: noob wants a 3040, what is the best
« on: June 06, 2013, 08:07:12 AM »
Hello, I think I have had a result, as yesterday on ebay was a machine for sale £1000, paid £900 = $600

was a cnc controlled gasket printing affair - mobile phones
anyways, I called and asket what sized bed was in it and the guy says 3 foot square - ideal for me, and with not knowing at all what I was doing, I jumped in the car and went and bought it -11am set off, arrived at 2pm, stripped the machine out and was home for 1 am
this morning I just had a looksy to ascertain what I have and lo and behold....

its an ISEL desktop!!! sweet - ithink, I still need to get a motor mount, that was troubling me on my return journey, but now I think I can simply just buy an ISEl one!!

It came with 2 controller boxes and two hand held whatsnames, the contorl system is amc

so that will run from MACH3?,

it has bosch limiting magnet? things and sanyo stepper motors, can I fit a usb or LAN bob card into the box?

anyways I have to go back for the enclosure and the other bits tomorrow, so I can sell it all on and recoup some money, not after much for it....
anyone in london england uk able to help in exchange for goodies? I don't need any of the chassis as I am running it desktop.
plus there is a spare controller box and handheld, plus 4 ISEL sliders 'box ones' and 2 air rams, and 2 pumps, and an injection machine, plus a big wireing box and stuff I don't need
oh plus of course enough aluminium extrusions to make a fair few tables.

all I want to do I think is plunge 19mm into softish foam rigid pvc board, and cut out letters, can I import corel draw files into MACH3
can I have mach3 sitting in my corel tool bar, and simply launch the tool paths wysiwyg?

General Mach Discussion / Re: noob wants a 3040, what is the best
« on: June 05, 2013, 09:42:55 PM »
ooh , one more...
I do have a trend t10 2000w 1/2 inch collet router, is that too big and noisey

General Mach Discussion / Re: noob wants a 3040, what is the best
« on: June 05, 2013, 08:19:18 PM »
hello, today I done a round trip and bought a 3foot square bed quality machine

was in a massive enclosure and part of an injection moulding thing

please note, the 6 by 4 foot chassis is for sale
also two sets of controllers and hand helds
plus a ton of 50mm aluminium extrysion
plus the best = 4 , 4 foot lengths of quality slinding block
plus two air rams -linear
oh and the pumps
and the squeezey bits.
oh does anyone want the cabinets - as I was going to leave them

but hey ho - I am on the ball, the machine didn't come with and spindle/motor, as it had 4 nozzles for squirting goop, plus it unbolted out of the frame and is a lovely smallish 'can come indoors' unit

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