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oh noise!! 1.5kw water cooled at 67 DB it is then

first thing first them, 12 inches of kingspan enclosure

what I have is.

bought used, then have now fitted new nema23's @3.1Nm - wired bi-polar parallel,
then have CW5045 drivers
wish to buy a usb smoothstepper bob = next purchase, then some mach3

primarily to cut wood and plastic

thinking ahead about the spindle, I think stock these use a 800watt kress spindle motor, does that mean they are not switched by the bob, and the speed control is on the router itself?
for now should I simply get one of those, be happy with that cutting wood and plastic,
or get the 2.2kw spindle liquid cooled, lower noise, switchable, 'bigger'? collet, knowing I can mill aluminium. I don't as yet have a mount
is the 2.2kw 80mm spindle too big and heavy for its z axis?

I gather, I need another psu, the vfd, the coolant lines rad and fan, with a pump, swap out the 3 pin metal plug on the 2.2kw for a 4 pin amphenol plastic water proof connection, fit an earth inside. run the power lines to it in heavy sheilded flex/wire,

ALSO, what is foxing me is it has limit switches on both sides of all the gantries does that mean I can tell mach3 my work area, or is it simply a power of to that drive, so the motor don't squeal like a pig?

and you have to then have a vfd/ transformer to up it back to mains voltage, as you need it firstly low voltage so you can control the power on and off, and the speed
you couldn't have 110/240v switching and speed control on the break out board.

Also, If you were nailing one together at the moment, and you did not have a spindle or mount, you would simply go for a 80mm spindle mount, so as to choose
1.5kw air cooled
2.2kw water cooled

do the far eastern 80mm spindles have an outomatic collet affair?

being a novice, do I want to be using a 1.5kw spindle firstly, then swap to 2.2kw at a later date, or should I simply go 2.2kw, and run the coolant lines up my flexi-track now and be done with it?

do they not do a baffle aluminium fin type affair for air cooling, that wraps around the spindle, or a  mount that has fins grouves machined into it that can take some finnage?

or even simpler, did they start doing an 80mm spindle air cooled and they over heated , so they liquid cooled them?

thats what I meant parallel
i think

can use one of those little dell things, with the small boxes that have a serial port.

I have a 64 bit vista system

well, i bought this?as it sain 64 bit system, others didn't.
when you say voltage.... I am to connect the bob to the 36 volt outlet on my power supply as the instructions?

while I am on, I did NEED a filtered socket? I though for the extra few bucks, it was worth it for the tails, now did I NOT owant a filtered one?

while on again,
the manual wheel twirley doofers, do they need to ne a certain weight like a car engine front dampner, as i bought these
still have to drill them to 8mm though, do i simply need to move the axis's to home the machine.

while on again, I must tell you of my balls up, have the motors fitted into cans with amphenol connectors, great and all, opened the silvered bullet non solder connectors from the old mpotors, with a large needle, saving myself 60 pounds in new 20mm by 2mm bullets -  that all went great, put them all back together with nice just short enough wireing, then realised
I just bought these
as I need 8mm from the original 1/4'', and you can't fit them when the housings are on........

happy days,


bought one of them

does it matter what parallel card i buy

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