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Bargain Basement / Re: pacer hd 8 by 4 1998 £3000 cheap
« on: June 29, 2023, 05:38:36 PM »
its in slough in the uk
there is a big fork lift here
and delivery can be arranged
and bring cash

Bargain Basement / Re: pacer hd 8 by 4 1998 £3000 cheap
« on: June 29, 2023, 05:37:52 PM »

Bargain Basement / pacer hd 8 by 4 1998 £3000 cheap
« on: June 29, 2023, 05:33:15 PM »

yes, still has the old 8 wire cylindrical motors
does have newer drivers and controller
and runs mach3
sadly i think the modern drivers are three phase and so is the machoine
so you may have to change the motors to nema 34's the bigguns
and buy three new drives too and psu's
the controller is a modernish mach 3 driver


swap plasma table


even if you set the windoes 11 as a dhcp server
do you still nee a crossover cable

do other network controllers simply plug in? not have to go to a switch.

what a load of old poop

talking of limits
do i need 10mm bounce?
i am guessing i have 16mm screws 5mm pitch

just a bit more than 5mm?

cant crash the switch head on?

have not done the limit switches yet - have not bought anything yet
rs232 style connectors en route from the chine for the sheilded wires that
don't want to cut the shielded stock cables off to wire to the drives as they have a grounding wire in them
the fatter drives are en route too.
plus the solder and heat shrink

and I have been playing with the plasma table

have connected a motor and driver to the controller and sent it code, so I do have the 8 wire motors connected correctly.

had to do the plum couplings three times
first time 6.35 to 6mm 20 by 30 couplings x3 - didn't even go into the motor mounts , so bought three 14mm 6-6.35 couplings and due to the motor mount slkits being 90 degrees off the shaft, I couldn't get the grub screw done up, so just opened up the originals by hand with wet and dry .
had to file the motors with a 4mm chain saw file , that was easy enough.

also been playing with the plasma gantry's


i thought i controlled the speed in mach

so i just put 24v to the motor and see if it works
it it does what kind of relay do i need

the two wires from the tach thing cannot be connected to mach to see on screen speed/?

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