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This is not working at all... I went to the link provided by Tweakie but it redirects to the Mach downloads, and there is no Documentation heading, thus no Optimization.txt file can be found there, and a search for that file returns nothing. WHere can the optimize file be found?

I'm having alot of difficulty with the Mach3 driver test. It consistently says "pulsing too fast" no matter what changes i make to my system. I uninstalled Quicktime, tried the special driver install in case my bios is the problem, and a few other changes such as changing my cpu speed from full to auto, etc. Nothing I do will make the driver test return a positive result. I also uninstalled and then reinstalled the pulse engine. I'm using an IBM A22m laptop with ubdated bios and other IBM updates for XP Pro.  Can anyone enlighten me on how to make this work?

Thanks, Yesmar

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