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I might in the next couple of days asking for a little help in setting up the setting on my machine and also some help with wiring in my THC.  I have not even gotten to that yet, with all this trouble with the Mach 3 and the guys selling pirated software with there machines.
Thanks guys, I hope this helps anyone else out there looking for a machine and comes across there adds.  DONT BUY FROM THEM....  If I could do it all over again I would, but now to return and get a refund would be like pulling teeth.  And I think I can personally do my own Mods on the unit and get it running the way I want it to.

Thanks again everyone.


license came this morning, had a talk with Paul from makecnc, will be buying my sheetcam threw him also, now I will have to go into Mach and set my motors up and try to figure out how to set up my limits.



These are the guys I bought the table from, came with computer and all with the Mach 3 that was to be licensed.  I have sense today, wiped there copy off the computer and bought a licensed copy from makecnc.com
Waiting for the license to come via email, but went to artsoft and downloaded the Mach 3 again and will have the license by tomorrow.  Sorry guys for all the mess, I had no idea the copy they put on the computer was pirated.

They wont even reply to any of my emails or phone calls.  Guess that what I get for buying from these guys, they are also selling there there tables on eBay saying the Mach 3 is licensed.


Sorry i had no idea this was.  This what was provided by Lightning cnc, not a surprise though the more i deal with these jokers.  I guess i made a bad choice.Can you can you please tell me how could tell this.  Iwould like to show this to the jokers just one more thing i can go after them on.   Once again  SORRY i have no intentions to do this  Thanks for the help so far

Iam having problems setting home and the soft limits. Ihave watched vidoes on set up and homing and limits.  When they jog then say to hit the home switch what is the home switch or is it just the ref all to home, my screen seems to be a little dif then the videos.  Then when i set the soft limits it seems to do nothing soft limit will not light up and the table will run into the hard stops on the table.  How does the mach now where it is in the first place or does the soft limits come from the home location out. Iwas told that i did not need actual limit switchs and just us the soft limts.  Sorry for all the questions the table manufacture is no help

lightning cnc table, mach3 2.0  sheet cam and lazy cam Gecko G540 4axis with a hypertherm powermax 85 plasma

what is the xml file   Sorry just that new

General Mach Discussion / Need help setting up Mach 3 for my table.
« on: May 15, 2013, 10:51:18 PM »
Ok, so I have a 5 x 5 table, with the Nema 23 motors rack and pinion, having lots of problems getting the motors to run right and also how to set the limits in the Mach 3.  Very new at this, getting very frustrated.  Would love so help.  Call me to walk me threw would greatly help a lot.  Or, I can always call you, please help.  I am taking it out on my poor wife and divorce is lurking.  ;)
Or, willing to pay for gas and travel if someone lives in the Adams, Nebraska area. 


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