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General Mach Discussion / Re: SheetCam Help
« on: June 06, 2013, 02:26:31 PM »
yes I do its the Proma THC, but that ones not listed, just wondering if that matters.


General Mach Discussion / SheetCam Help
« on: June 06, 2013, 10:53:01 AM »
Ok, so we have our table finally up and running, getting use to Mach 3, now when I generate a GCode in SheetCam I am not seeing the G Code to turn the torch on.  What Post Processer should I use for this?  I see the Mach3 Plasma saids it has the code for the torch in it, but when I generate the code I myself don't see it.  Any idea what we are doing wrong?


OK! I have most everything working now except that mach will not start the plasma, I have the relay wired into the g540 at output 1 pin 17 and I can push the torch on the screen in mach and it works but just doesn't on a part. Maybe this is a problem in the Gcode since I only have the demo sheetcam right now.  Can someone look at the code a tell me if this is so. just did a simple square to try the machine out

When I talked to Paul at makecnc, my license does not have a name like jmueller, it has the MaoA Dtonar, was told by paul you pay extra for your name as th serial license.
We downloaded from ArtSoft and then bought the license then the license came and just insert the license into the Mach3 folder.  There is no # or name with my license and I bought direct from Paul at makecnc.

No, they have not answered there phone or email from us either, and there Gecko board had a bad axis, so I ended up buying a new one.  Oh well, guess that's what comes from buying from a unknown company.
I wish there was a way to worn people on ebay.
Thanks for all your help, Brett I guess it going to call tomorrow night to walk him threw the limits set up, he seems to get that more then the manual, I have actually looked threw the manual and I cant even understand it, so getting all the help from you guy really is helping. 
He has actually been very calm the last couple of nights after talking with you.  LOL  So, my stomach is actually feeling loads better.lol
Thanks again.


Sorry its a 4-axis not 2.  Typo

Ok, so I am including photos, I need to wirer my Proma THC into a Gecko G540 2-axis drive into my Hypertherm powermax 85.

Can someone help me with the wiring.

Including photos of the Proma and Gecko Drive board.


Hi everyone, this is Sharon, Jerrys wife, I just wanted to give a shout out to Rich for his phone call the other night, with the little help you gave Jerry he was able to get the motors up and running very good, and my stomach is now actually settling down a bit.
Thanks Rick for your help. 

Also, we have the motors running real well, but the one problem we are having is the display window.  We can load a GCode into the Mach 3 but cant get the limits set right, so when it hit run the pattern we would be cutting actually runs off the table.  Can someone help with this?  The tool display and display window is confusing us, figuring out how to home it correctly.  And Rich, the little you told Jerry the other night, that made a lot of difference with him.  He was actually able to understand it all.  Thank you soooo much Rich.

One Happy(er) Wife

Ok, after all the yelling at my poor wife, and cant seem to get this Mach 3 software right, I am looking to PAY someone to come and set the software up to run on my table.  Can or is anyone willing to come to the Lincoln, Nebraska area and get this table up and running for me???  Shoot me a price, or feel free to call me, the software and tutors are not helping one bit for me, I guess I am just a stupid welder, this software is kicking me in the butt.  Will pay gas, motel, meals, really about anything right now if someone would just help me set the software up for my able.


Ok, have been down trying to set limits and all, my one problem is I cant get the table display to show the table.  When I move it around it looks like a 3D box.  What is wrong here????  Please help, I have no idea what is wrong now.  And the program I load into the table display is what off the map.  Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong???


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