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The center is spring loaded, but is very ridged. Of course I haven't tried to load it down with a heavy cut. The drill chuck / dead center that came with my Taig lathe also loads into the tailstock. I just adjust the top two 10-32 cap screws for a slide fit and attach the lever handle ( well, after I make it!). I will up date my progress on the lathe / 4th axis set up as I go along.
Than you for you comment,


Hello All,

   Here are some photos of the new tailstock I made for my 4th axis. Turning is very ridged with no deflection, as far as the mach up compression bolt I made. As usual, only time will tell with a new project. I plan to make a motor adaptor plate next, so I can mount a variable speed motor for better CNC lathe work. The best part of each component (4th Axis - Tail Stock - tooling plate) is that set up is a snap. Each, started upside down with a .260-W x .025-D channel that I mounted a guide block in. Then the base of each, was flipped over and the guide block seated into the center t-slot in the table. I located the center of the table (Y-axis) and the center of the base (X-axis) and completed the work. I drilled holes in the tooling plate for .125 pins. I can now load the plate, seat the taig vise up against two pins, and be within .0005 of square.     
                Thank you for viewing,

Ken Polley

Thank you! Russ

I agree that you should try and take pictures in the highest quality you can. I usually do that and then re-size them for internet use. I just started lowering the picture size in the camera so I didn't have to worry about resizing.  Forgot to check! Actually, what I was asking is how can I change the picture size in the post?  I hate having to scroll down to move the slider bar myself.


Thank you for your kind words, Rich, Russ, Monty, and Daniel.

     Ever notice sometimes it seems as if you make more projects for the machine then for you?  Can't tell you how many time I've been in the middle of a project and needed to stop to make or improve a tool or fixture. By the way, can any one point me in the right direction on how to properly post projects here and..... fix a post if I needed to? My teenager change the setting on my camera prior to the photos I took, so the photos are to large for comfortable viewing.

Thanks again,


Show"N"Tell ( What you have made with your CNC machine.) / Milling Stop
« on: January 10, 2010, 06:32:29 PM »
Hello All,

Here is my Saturday project. I saw a picture on line and had to have one. It is incredibly ridged. Each component was fairly simple to make. I started with the main structure, ( drawing this part was a little time consuming) it's made of (.750) - 6061 aluminum. Next I made the swivel blocks out of (1.0) round stock. I drilled the through hole (.191), and turned each to (.750 OD). I added about (.750) extra material length to hold onto in the vise. Then I programmed the (.750) arc cut out. The top swivel clamp was machined from (.500) - 6061. I cheated on the slit. After the part was machined and drilled, I clamped it into the vise and cut it on my band saw. The two pins were turned from (.500) CRS, one was drilled through (.159) and tapped for 10-32, and the other was drilled through (.191) and c-bored (.250 ID). I turned one of the 10-32 SCS heads down to (.240 OD) and shortened the head length to (.185). The stop rod was a shaft I salvaged from a copier machine.

This was a very good project to break my new Taig mill in with, and I now have a good quality accessory for it.

Hope you enjoy it.

Ken Polley

Thank you for your comment, I still need to learn how to use it though. (program for lathe and use Mach3 lathe) I'll get there........


     Great job with the x-box 360 controller. I have a shuttle pro on my cnc router that cost me around $100. I picked up a used 360 controller for under $20.00 and it works GREAT. So far I have only been able to use the inc. step with the X and Y axis. I would like to use the step feature with the Z axis. How do I set that up?
     Again, thank you for a great contribution to the comunity


Thank you for the kind words, and for fixing the post. It's so nice to be able to do actual metal machining now that my Sherline Mill is working. Until now i did everything in plastic or wood on my router.


Wow, I should have resized the pictures. Sorry!
This was my first time posting to this secction.

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