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No. I will try it and let you know

I used that diagram and that's how I connect everything

C10 board
5V and EN connected to 5V. Also the LED light is on.
KL-4030 driver
CW & CP+ what is that? I can't find it on my drivers

Gary I'm sorry for hijacking your thread. I have similar problem but my motors locks. But when I try to make them spin (from Mach3) nothing happens.
Do you use build in parallel port? Or you add it to existing computer?

I have same problem. But my board is C10 - Bidirectional Breakout Board and the drivers are KL-4030. I turn on everything motors locks but can't get any movement.

Hello Guys
My name is Kris and I leave in Frankfort IL. I study mechanical design and drafting. Currently I finished building my CNC router made of 8020 profile.

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