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Hi Tweakie
I took it that you meant the stepper mtrs.
From your comments, that is a good thing that they are not locked when power supplied to them.
The TB6560AHQ board is blue. Its a 4 axis board.
In Mach3 I have the 2nd X axis (A) slaved to X.

Hi Tweakie
With M3 the board powered up, the motors are not locked.
I will check the votlages tomorrow and report back.

Hi Tweakie
From what I have read sofar, the board is not great, but have to settle with what I got for now.
I will try the supplied xml file shortly (machine situated in garage - away from this PC)

What is meant do the motors lock when power supplied?

How do I check the LPT port voltage?

General Mach Discussion / Newbie with TB6560 1st time testing problems
« on: March 24, 2013, 07:39:19 AM »
Earlier I connected the PC, driver board and motors for the 1st time. Mach 3 I had configured the ports and pins previously. The supplier of the board, supplied a file for changing the XML, I chose to manually do the settings as set out in their documentation.
At this stage I get no movement, not even a hum from the motors.
When looking at the driver board with the parallel and serial connectors on the right hand side, I see 3 leds light up and that is it.
I am hoping some one has experience with these boards and can help in getting the system up and running.

Show"N"Tell ( Your Machines) / Home Baked CNC Router.
« on: March 16, 2013, 07:20:58 AM »
Hi All
This is all new to me, but jumped in feet first anyway. In building my router there were many factors that had to be  take into consideration, on researching and starting the project. The first was that..........I know nothing, the local availability of of components and materials, the cost of importing and shipping goods to me and what design and size of table would be best for me to start with. I finally decided that the CNCRouterParts 4x4 design was pretty straight forward. Having limited funds available and considering the exchange rates were fairly favorable at the time, I went and ordered some parts from CNCRP to get myself kick started. I took the parameters of their design and the bits and pieces I'd ordered and went about drawing up parts for local manufacture. The process was started around this time last year, to date I have a 95% complete table and an 80% working machine.  I have had to settle for a Toshiba 6560 driver board and the nema 23 motors, due to local availability. My next decision to make is what type of spindle to install, for now all I know that there is almost zero local availability but am busy researching what options are available. Thank goodness for the internet............ The more one searches the more one finds!
At Present I am busy wiring up the table, re-configuring a computer to be a dedicated unit for the router. Mechanically there are a few thing that also need doing, i.e. making and installing cable trays and e-chain. Once I have XP loaded and the computer stripped out of all unwanted bits and bobs I will be loading Mach3 and configuring it to test my machine. I have been reading through the manual and for now it seems a bit of information overload, so will take my time and with help with the forums, will hopefully have a fully functioning  machine in the near future.
The photo is a poor one taken on my mobile phone, but gives a visual of my endeavors so far.
Fair winds and calm seas to all!

Hi Tweakie
Thanks for the welcome.
I still have to take pics of my machine, will do so when done.
I will be neeing lots of help from here on in, so this forum will definitely will be delved into in depth.

My name is Gary, based in Cape Town, South Africa and totally new to the world of CNC machining. My brain has lots of learning and information still to absorb!
I am busy building a 4' x 4' router. Most of the mechanics are done, only a few more bits and pieces to complete.
The machine is a rack and pinion based system with the z axis being screw driven. The motion controller is a Toshiba 6260 board, with Nema 23 motors.
I am at the stage of wiring up the electonics, installing Mach3 and hope to test the system within the next week.
The bits and pieces still to be completed are mainly cable trays to be manufactured and e-chain fitted, mounting and connecting limit/home switches.
For now I am busy trying to configure M3 to enable a test of running the motors.

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