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Hi Tweakie
I suspect as you; that the board is a duff one.
I wish I could afford the Gecko G540, being across the pond besides the exchange rate shipping is a killer.
I got hold of the supplier earlier and he's prepared to swop boards and supply new cable.
His answer to me regarding the woes of the cable, said the cable is special and a made up cable won't work.(Does not make much sense)
Would be interesting if someone with the same board could do a pin check on the cable and see if there is a difference.
Thanks for all the support so far. I will have to wait till next week sometime, when the new shipment arrives to continue with the TB6560 blue board Blues!!!
All the best

Yup that's been done

Thanks Jim, I sticking to the quote at the bottom of Tweakie's posts.
Are you are referring to the screen where it says one or 2 //port (0x378)????

The //port is the onboard one, not an expansion card plugged into pci slot.
Do you have the same axis board Blue TB6560 4 axis
Does the fan on top of the heat sink run when you supply power to your board??

Hi Tweakie
When connected to the PC , LED's light up on the board there are 2 rows. One row with 4LED's and a row underneath it with 2LED's.
2 LED's in the top row light up and 1 on the bottom.
at some stages some go off . cannot varify excly when the go off!

The line is constant, with peaks hitting below the 48Hz on the left      -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/ similar to this no other spikes.

Hi Tweakie
I have just completed testing: "Config / Ports & Pins / Output Signals / Enable 1" pin no with 1 thru16 active high/low.
No change! motors still revolve freely by hand.
I assume that when you mean locked ~ one cannot rotate them at all by hand!

What I have done so far:
1. Increased the voltage of power supply, now reads 24.5V
2. Unplugged all the motors, rechecked wiring ~ ok.
3. Plugged only x axis motor in
4. Ran PC with Mach3, board connected to PC, power supplied to board.
5. Ran test as suggested "apply and reset" each time change was made to enable 1 pin or active high/low ~ turned motor by hand.

Does it not mean that getting a reading of 3.5V across the pins mean that the PC //port is only putting out 3.3V and not the 5V required.
I paid special attention to the pins that were delivering the higher voltage reading when doing test, but still no motor locking.

I noticed that once the xml was changed with their file, the kernel was sitting at 45000Hz changed it back to 25000Hz.
I have also since changed the parallel port to ECP in the bios......... made no difference to motors still unlocked.
I also notice that the power supply is only pumping out 23.5V I will tweak it up to 24V.
Going to go try the output pins now.

Like your helper's pic, need to attach a broom to tail!!!!!!

Hi Jim And Tweakie
Jim although the Lab that ate the cable was watching, she is not a bright spark, but very lovable though, her brother is a bright spark, however he sleeps while I'm busy.
Yes The PC is a desktop a few years old though.
Ok so one thing is right ....... the cable......phew!!!

Hi Tweakie
I have checked the voltages of the parallel port at the back of the PC, without M3 running.
Results as follows:
Pin 1 ~ 9       3.35V
Pin 10 ~13    4.29V
Pin 14           3.35V
Pin 15           4.29V
Pin 16           3.35V
Pin 17 ~ 24   0V

Yes the settings match to what you have in your last reply.

Hi Jim and Tweakie
With basic electrics (household, automotive and boats), I can normally get by, but when it comes to electronics my, my understanding is virtually zero.
From what I have researched, there are plenty of short comings with the TB6560 boards available. Some guys have re-engineered their boards to get them working.
Due to the lack of variety of what is locally available, I purchased one together with motors and a power supply. For now I am stuck with it, till a better solution can be found and therefore apologize for the headaches caused in helping to get this board up and running.

The DB25 parallel cable, that was supplied with the board got damaged (left it lying about while busy and 1 bored Labrador had a go at trying to digest it). A company that makes cables, supplied me with another. This they say is a straight through cable (wired pin 1 to 1, pin 2 to 2, etc).
(unable to do a pin to pin check as the cable is chewed through in the middle)
This therefore could be the start of my problems.

Question 1: can you verify or supply me with the correct the male to female pin configurations for the cable?


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