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Hi Tweakie
How did you derive a figure of 30mm for the lead screw pitch.
Surely for a module 1.5 rack (1.5mm between teeth would) =4.71[3.1452 x 1.5]
Using 4.71 the calc comes out as 1019.10828 with a resolution of 0.000981mm/step

Hi Tweakie
Sorry for the protracted reply and thanks for the magical in sight. In other word you just used the 8 of 1/8 please confirm if my assumtion is correct.
I am feeling fustrated/ anxious/ burnt out as I have spent the last 12hrs solid on the net trying to research and find answers.

Hi Tweakie
When trying to work out micro stepping, my board specs have setting for: 1. 1/2, 1/8, 1/16. What/ how does this relate to M3 settings. I have spent the day trying to reseach this and still no answer. Alez's calculator wont allow me to enter a figure as 1/8!!!!!
How does one get this magical number? Do I enter for example: 0.125! This does not make sence to me as one enters 10 for a gecko.  
The M3 manual states
" Calculating Mach3 steps per motor revolution
We very strongly recommend that you use micro-stepping drive electronics for stepper
motors. If you do not do this and use a full- or half-step drive then you will need much
larger motors and will suffer from resonances that limit performance at some speeds.
Some micro-stepping drives have a fixed number of micro-steps (typically 10) while others
can be configured. In this case you will find 10 to be a good compromise value to choose.
This means that Mach3 will need to send 2000 pulses per revolution for a stepper axis

Hi Tweakie
I forgot to mention that my machine linear movements are a mixture. The 2 sides of the X axis and the Y axis run on module 1.5 racks, the pinions are 20 tooth mounted on a 60 tooth belt driven gear, the motor has a 20 tooth belt gear pulley. The Z axis is a direct drive form the motor to 1/2" - 10, 5 start acme screw running through a "Dumpster" nut.

Hi Tweakie
I will do so as suggested and use Al's calculator.
Would you please advise regarding slaving A axis to X axis. The M3 manual does not give any other details but to slave the axis in config>slaving. I have "slaved " the 2 axis together but they still run separately. In other words when I jog the X axis only the 1 motor turns. If I jog the 4th axis it runs on its own. Are there any further setting to do?

Hi Tweakie
Having got past the cable issue and have some movement on the motors, I would like to move onto motor tuning. I have done the calculations but dont know whether I am right or not.
When it comes to section Calculating motor steps per revolution in the M3 manual, I get a bit stumped. I have attached the dip settings of the driver board. I am not sure of what settings to use when it comes to decay mode and microstep settings. It's manual says it's a 1 -1/16 microstep. I am unsure of which setting to use for microstepping and what effect it would have in conjuction with Calculating motor steps per revolution/ Calculating Mach3 steps per motor revolution.
Would you kindly shed some light on the subject.
(Have attached whole document, was unable to separate out the dip switch table)

Hi Jim
The 4th axis is driving the other half of my x axis. My table has a rack and pinoin/ motor on each side of the gantry.

What I would like to know is whether in slaving the 2 axis, there are any other settings that need to be done.
Under confi>slave, I have slaved the A axis to the X axis, but when jogging the motors they still work independently of each other. Besides slaving the A and X axis does one have to set their outputs as the same? (config>ports and pins>outputs)

Having changed the //port cable, the driver board works and the motors run on all its axis ( 1st test).
The motors were then mounted to the table, all  the wiring to the motors rechecked and OK.
I have the 4th board axis slaved to run the 2nd X axis motor( Mach3 config>slave), both of the X - motors still run independently of each other when one jogs.
Does one have to set them to the same pin in motor outputs? 

Hi Tweaki and Jim
Eureka moment!!!!!!!!
The dumb fangled thing works.
Even the experts can get it wrong! I took it at face value, that the cable that was made up for me would be wired correctly.
Today I thought, check the cable- since getting it I had a niggling feeling at the back of me brain.
The techie doing the job wired pins 1 ~ 9 correctly, but 14 ~ 25 a#$% about face. He wired 14 to 25, 15,to 24, 16 to 22.
That was a lesson learnt.
OK so now it operates, so back to bugging you guys on setting up. Dont worry I still got a little work still to do to do the final finishes, so theres a reprieve for the moment.
Tweakie once again thanks . Jim I'm sorry to say it's back to NCIS for your daily dose of excitement.
Many thanks

Hi Tweakie
I had thought of doing that, however the actual wiring colours get repeated, for instance there are 4 white wires, 5 orange ones.
It put paid to that idea fast

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