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I've been having grief all evening with scaling and Mach3 reporting moves exceeding soft limits.
After pulling my hair out for a while I found that Mach3 mysteriously changed to inches every time I loaded the G-code.
Using an online G-Code reference to find the "Units" codes and then checking the output from BobCad/Cam revealed the G20 inch command.
With G20 edited to G21 the code runs great.

Units are set to mm in both Settings - Part and Settings - Default in BobCad/Cam V25, it's using the Mach3 no ATC post and units are set to mm in Mach3
Have I missed something?

I've been doing a fair bit of lurking for the last month or so, just until I had my mill working properly and a vague grip on CAD/CAM basics - mainly from finding my way around various free and demo software packages.
I've taken the plunge and purchased Mach3 and BobCad/Cam and am now slogging slowly up that learning curve whilst trying to avoid getting too excited about what I might be able to do once basic competence is achieved ;-)

Thanks Tweakie,
That looks positive, I only need to make some fairly basic objects to begin with, I'll give it a go,

 - Nick

G-Code, CAD, and CAM discussions / All Dressed Up & No-Where To Go?
« on: April 23, 2013, 03:40:28 PM »
Having resolved some initial issues with my mill ( the DC spindle motor &/or drive kicking out enough EM inteference to cause occasional stepper jitter ) I now find myself with a fully functional benchtop CNC mill - and no means to generate code to run it.
I wondered does anyone have any suggestions for affordable CAD/CAM solutions for use alongside MACH3 for a complete newb hobbyist?
Any input would be greatly appreciated,

Hi All,
I'm an experienced manual machinist but completely new to CNC, I've just bought my first CNC mill (a commercial conversion of a small Rishton mill) and I'm about to jump in at the deep end and see if I can swim ;-)
I have everything up to the parallel cable and will be using my own PC and, of course, licensing Mach3 to run the mill.
You'll see from subsequent posts, or cries for help how I'm getting on ;-)

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