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Hi Forum,

i have headed back to the workshop and it appears i have forgotten a lot... :-(

I loaded G-code (all good)
set my XYZ DRO to zero on centre of part etc.. (seems ok)
set machine coordinates to 0.000 (to DRO)

my part is still showing at the edge of the table which appears to be causing all sorts of odd moves.....- see attached

Q... How to i set do my part is centered on the table?

Wonderful thanks,  I will give it a try
Sounds like I need some home switches for my sherline

General Mach Discussion / Help sort- going in circles - need a compass
« on: April 07, 2014, 06:12:11 AM »
Hi Forum,
Using mach 3 with shoreline  3ax mill and have some questions i seek answers and or guidance:

 I have followed the videos but i may be missing something (excuse the lack of understanding but thats why i am here)

1. I wish to set the 'home' coordinates for the mill - is this possible by moving (keyboard) and establish as home position?
2. moved the tool to the top edge of the material (via keys) and rest as zero for material datum point, when I regen the position returns back to centred location - what am i missing here?
3. after reviewing videos i noticed my z axis - as those of XY as well is set for 100.00  -100.00 (200mm travel) whiz is the best way to approach this?

in simple terms I look to set the home position - soft limits and material offsets but not having much luck and now i am totally confused (Even which order these should be achieved?)

thanks for the info, even with 4 axis mill

and the 4000 series lathe?

Dear forum,

I have recently purchased a 4 axix Sherline 2010 CNC mill. I am currently using Camwotks and need to develop a post machine for camworks to generate G-code. I have been advised Fanuc OM should work ok however i just want to check on the forum as well as understand a little more myself (if only for self help)

I want to make a psot for sherline using the UPG (universal post generator) from camworks but as g code newbie its a bit of a sharp learning curve. See attached files for reference....

any help or guidance would be appreciated...

General Mach Discussion / Re: Sherline Mill & Mach3 ?
« on: February 23, 2013, 11:31:33 AM »
Dear Forum,

looking at getting a 6000 package from sherline, have my own computer (windows 7) looking at Mach 3.
Is there a default setup for Sherline lathe and mill (new to this) (config file???)

Also any point on Vectorworks to Gcode (DXF the best)

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