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General Mach Discussion / Jogging Issues
« on: February 07, 2013, 04:26:49 PM »

I'm new to the forum. I purchased a machine and am having issues with jogging.  I talked to the manufacturer, and they said it was a Mach3 issue.  I am using MACH3 Version 3.043.066. When I tab to bring up the jog menu and use the arrow keys, everything seems to work fine in the continuous mode.  When I move to step mode, so that I am able to move in smaller increments, the machine locks up on me.  When I reset then try to use the jog menu arrow keys, it is still locked.  While the jog menu screen is still active and I move back to continuous mode then reset and use the jog menu, everything works fine. When I try to jog using the control key, it also locks up on me.  If I have the jog menu active and use the control key for movement, as soon as the indicator light goes from continuous to step mode, it locks up. The strange thing is that everything had been working fine for several hours this morning.


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