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Hood, thanks for the info.  I was having trouble finding vendors that would be able to support what I want to do.  This helps a ton!  One more question, would you change to a ball screw on each of the axes or continue to use the ACME style lead screw?  I'm concerned with the backlash currently in the system and the amount of error that would cause with the new system.  Thanks again for the help. 

Hi All.  I have a 2hp SuperMax knee mill that has already been converted to use an Anilam Crusader II controller.  The servo motors are still working well but they are old SEM Permanent Magnet DC analog motors.  I want to upgrade the servo drives (if necessary) but more importantly I want to upgrade the controller to something newer.  I want to be able to use my 3D CAD/CAM program to create g-code and tooling paths that can be downloaded to the new controller.  I need help understanding what I will need to purchase and what will need to be modified on the machine to use Mach3 as an upgraded controller.  The Anilam controller uses the tachometer on the motors and the glass scales mounted on each axis to determine the true position of the tool.  What is a good way to attack this issue?  What are good servo drivers for these types of motors?  Is there a vendor out there that has a 3/4 axis controller module that will utilize the glass scale and motor tachometer or do I need to update the machine to use ball screws and encoders?  Even with the ball screws and encoders on the motors, what are the best controllers (under $1500) to use to interface between the Mach3 computer and the servo drivers?  Any input would be appreciated.  Thanks.   

Hi All.  My name is Scott and I'm new to CNC and to this site.  I'm a mechanical engineer and I've always wanted my own shop to make whatever I want.  Over the past 2 years I've been building a shop in Ohio and getting up to speed using my manual knee mill, a gap bed lathe and a converted knee mill with an old Anilam Crusader II controller.  I want to upgrade my controller to something newer that I can utilize my 3D CAD models and CAM software to download g-code to the controller.  I'm thinking about using MACH3 and a computer as the controller but I have a number of questions that I will post in the general discussion.  I hope this site can help me understand what I need to do to make my mill a more productive CNC machine.  Thanks.

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