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I set up a PC with XP and a parallel port so I can get my THC to work.  I did a completely new install of Mach3 and included the printer driver.  In the port setup and axis selction screen, there is a box labled MaxNC mode.  THe max CL mode enabled is checked.  My X, Y and Z motor outputs tab shows that pins 2-3, 4-5, 6-7 on port 1 are enabled.  My motors however can only run off of 4-5 for Y, 6-7 for X and 8-9 for Z.  Also worth noting is that they run are 1/4 speed and I have a good idea on why that is after reading about MaxNC. 
My situation however is that I need simple pulse and direction outputs from the parallel port on pins 2-3, 4-5, 6-7.  If I uncheck "Max CL mode enabled", the outputs from the printer port stop working. Jog keys and THC simulator switches still increment and decrement DROs but no output from parallel port -

3 stepper motors sitting on bench connected to microstepping drivers.
Breakout board connected to parallel port.  Breakout board, drivers and motors are known good from running with a smoothstepper.
parallel port tests OK - and Speed is shown as excellent at 100Khz when tested.
If I run with MaxCL mode enabled everything works including THC which I simulated with switches works. but motors at exactly 1/4 speed and pin assigments in motor outputs tab appear to mean nothing.

Question is:
How do I get the parallel port working in simple pulse, direction mode

I would greatly appreciate some help on this - I'm about 12 hours into this problem now. I  have a completely fresh XP install and Mach3 is licensed.


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