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Hello Ghantos,

unfortunately i haven't progressed any further with my machine  since my posts on here,   -
 i have my DSPMC and IO boards wired up to Dsubs ready to replace the Cc120 control,  however when bench testing and attempting to build a simple "brain" for the soft start  contactors for my Drives i felt that brains were not responsive enough,  maybe 500 - 1000 ms delay between an input change and the brain responding.

 then looked in to implementing this in a macro running on the dspmc its self, quickly realised that recreating the current PLC in a macro was beyond me, and then went on Tour so have been too busy since then to progress.

i do have full electrical schematics for my machine, which is a big help,  i also have manuals for my drives.  they are in german but still useful.

which audio console did you work on ?   i am a live sound engineer for my day job.


Hi Mike, & everyone

its been a while,  but i now have the DSPMC, Breakout boards & mach3 set up in front of me running on a bench supply, trying to get as much done before taking it all down to the machine, as its very cold down there at the moment and i have no internet access there for problem solving.

i am currently trying to implement the machines drives Soft Start, where there are 2 contactors,  one through some kind of ballast / resistor bank and the other direct to the drive's power supply.  

the current control seems to switch these with a small ( aprox 2 second ) delay, i guess to avoid massive inrush currents.   there are also secondary mechanically linked contractors, used to let the control know each contactor is definitely engaged, and a air pressure switch, triggered by a pressure regulator. ( to stop drives being turned on with no air pressure, because of the pneumatic counterbalance)

after doing some digging,  i'm guessing the best way for me to implement the above with DSPMC is via a DSPMacro running directly on the DSPMC ?   i have tried to test this, but am unable to upload a macro to the DSPMC yet,  i get a programming checksum error.

if i can some how implement the above with brains i guess that would be easier and quicker to problem solve ?    looks like this is all going to be a tad more complicated than i thought,  but thats always the way with CNC isnt it?   ???  

below is a list of all the other I/O the current control has implemented :


Vac Clamped Right
Vac Clamped Left
Mains Air Presure
Vac 1 Overload
Vac 2 Overload
Drives Breaking Resister aux contacts
RouterHead Overloa
ToolChanger Overload
BTB1 ASM unit
BTB2 ASM unit
BTB1 VM unit
BTB2 VM unit
Drives Soft Start Aux contact
Drives Line Aux contact
Master Relay
All axis OverTravel Positive
All Axis Overtravel Negative
Remote Vac Clamp Left off Push button
Remote Vac Clamp Right off Push button
X Axis Reference Switch
Y Axis Reference Switch
Z Axis Reference Switch
Remote Cycle Start
Remote Cycle Stop
BTB Ready Signal SMX
BTB Ready Signal SMY
BTB Ready Signal SMZ
Remote Vac Clamp Left On Push Button
Remote Vac Clamp Right On Push Button
Tool Changer Reference Proximity
ToolChanger Position Proximity
ToolChanger in Top Position
ToolChanger In Bot Position
ToolChanger Towards Head
ToolChange Inch Push Button
 ToolChanger Away From Head
Tool Changer Inch Foward Push Button
Carousel Lock On Proximity
ToolChanger Inch Reverse
Router Head Over Temp
Head Tool Release Button
Extraction Flow Moniter
Tool In HEAd
Router Head Stationary
Head 1 Draw Bolt Proximity
T/C Gard Door Switch
Router Hood Position 1
Router Hood AT top
Router Head in Top Postion
RouterHead at Bottom Position
RouterHood in position 2
Router Hood in position 3


Vacume Pump 1 Contactor
Vacume Pump 2 Contactor
Drives SoftStart Contactor
Drives Line Contactor Coil
Inverter 1 Enable
ToolChange Foward
T/C Stroke Up down
Router Hood Raise
Router Hood Lower
TC Stroke In / Out
Vacuum Clamp Right
Lower Head Solenoid
Drill Set 1 Solenoid
Drill 1 Lower
Drives Enable Relay
Lube On
Z Axis Break Relay
Vacuum Clamp Left
Head 1 Tool Release
Tool Changer Reverse
TC Carousel Lock

Im glad i decided to get all this up and running on a bench, rather than jumping in and taking the existing control off from the machine. looks like i may run out of time to get it all working this year  ( i get very busy with My real job soon)



Hi Mike,

Thanks a lot for the speedy response, as soon as the DSPMC turns up i should be up and running in no time.

to ensure that your PID loop is active, do you have mach3 also output a ready line in to a second contractor ?  i haven't tested this yet but my Z-axis has a pneumatic counterbalance, which if its set up correctly i would guess the axis shouldn't coast down unless it was moving quickly before an e-stop.



Hi there,

i am shortly hoping to convert the Wadkin UX series router ( pictured below) to run using the DspMC  and mach3 combo.

i am completely self taught (well google taught) and jumped in at the deep end with this Wadkin as my first CNC about 2 years ago and have learnt a lot and now have a pretty good idea or my way around the machine and how most of it works, but am finding the Bosch cc120 control a bit limiting,  small memory no way ( for me) to reprogram and use probe inputs etc.

for converting to a DspMCi have a couple of unknowns that i need some help to know where to look / how to work out.


the drives ( bosch SM 10/20)  seem to require a deferential analogue input, and as far as i can tell all the analogue outputs of the DSPMC are single ended, will i need to make a balancing circuit, or a centre tapped transformer ( my background is Live audio, balanced / Unbalanced signal conversion happens all over the place)  i have attached pictures of the current wireing schematic SW- and SW+ are the analogue inputs for the amp, and i translated Soilwertdifferenzeingang to mean differential input.  - any idea's?

2.  how do i find out how many counts per revolution my encoders are,  the machine is fitted with Heidenhain ROD 426.029b -1000 encoders,  i think the 1000 may indicate 1000 counts?

3.  how do i work out the amount each axis moves per revolution,  or is it best to measure it ? digital callipers a good enough starting point, or should i get a dial

4.  how best to implement the Z-axis break?  i need to spend a bit more time looking in to how its currently implemented,  but i guess this should be done outside of DSPMC, controlled directly by the drive ready signal so if the drive faults / looses power  / E stop the break is activated. 

thanks a lot for any advice anyone can give me.


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